Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Day four was great tired but great I did learn not to plan a breakfast the Same day after a one am magic hour the night before the kids did great though we started the morning with breakfast with Mary poplins and the characters from Alice and wonderland then we went straight to magic kingdom and rode all the favorites then we watched the wishes show front and center infont of the castle we then we went and rode our favorite rides then we headed straight on the monorail to Epcot that was such a smooth transition. We did our favorites ther and figment ride and played In the imAginAtion section then we had lunch at the coral reef reastarant And. We were seated right by the window Bo thought it was so amazing. Then we headed over to MGM and did all of the fin rides Bo fell asleep just for a bit and then we watched the beauty and the beast play it poured rain so we were able to finish the night going back and forth between star tours and toy story
Mania it is great idea to watch the night show on the night you are staying in the park for magic hours and then ride rides during the show the next night and then go straight to the bus line it was so fun to do a ride over and over again then we came home Ate in our rooms and crashed

Monday, August 29, 2011


Day three at Disney and I hit a bit of a wall tonight. All is still amazing but burgers pizza and ice cream is starting to get to me just a bit. I am still feeling the Disney magic though and so are the kids . Again a Disney tip if you are on the dining plan it is way too much food I feel like we have to eat it all because we paid for it but it is so much. We can het by next time on half the meals . Also for the controlled side of me we got a little off schedule today but all is good and having just as much fun I still can not believe the amount of babies here as my dad would say it is unbelievable. The kids have been yet again full of energy and super good. After just seven hours of sleep last night and still going diff now in the toy story mania line at twelve o one. Bo was Darth all day and I tell you he loved watching people make comments to Jim he just strutted through the park with his light saber and mask on . We started our day at epcot. And did so much we rode the ride in the big ball then explored the fun games after it then off to nemo ride and crush talk the kids loved seeing real dolphins the we went to the coolest ride ever soarin everyone loved it I love how Bo always says is this ride scary and I say no and he says thank you mommy he is so sweet and I love to watch his face during rides then we rode two rides in the countries and Bo loved the Viking ride and we rode it four times in a row then we went back to rest after eating lunch and doing a little investigating then we rode a boat over to hollywood studios and watched an amazing light show it was so cool then we rode star tours and it was so fun Bo was in heaven he love it so much it really was a cool ride so perfect Bo loved the shop after it and the light saber fight that was going on we ate dinner at pizza planet rode toy story mania went on the great movie ride watched puppet three d movie and did star tours again we also did a litlle dancing a little shopping and had a lot of fun Bo is fadin and we are about to call it a night day four here we come

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Day two was a great success with just a few hiccups. We are standing in line for our bus at twelve twenty three and are atleast eight busses away from getting on but atleast it gives me time to blog. I have to say the kids have still been amazing so happy and grateful. We started our day at animal kingdom and it was great. We went to the safari ride which Bo loved. Then to the river raft ride which everyone loved Sam wanted to get soaked but we did not. Then we got cotton candy and went to the lion king show. It was wonderful. We were able to go on the raft ride again before heading to Dino land to ride flying dinosaurs and play in the bonyard which was Bo's dream come true. He dug and dug for dinosaur bones. It was so neat to watch him. We then headed to magic kingdom for lunch at the castle but do to parade route and a couple of detours around the park we missed our reservation and they had to put us at dinner. I felt like since I was to be the ultimate Disney mom planner I had failed. I had an itenerY and we were to stick to it...yeah right, guess this was alittle reminder that life throws you curve balls and we don't always have as much control as we think. So we made the best of it and even though we thought we would spend the hot part of the day in the castle and the four magic hours in the park we had to flip it, so we enjoyed lunch overlooking it's small world and then headed for splash mountain and the hall of presidents which took a lot of arm pulling. We headed back to our rooms for a sw and Sam entered a bola hoop contest and won what a cutie. She finalu lost in the finals to a canadiN boy . We were quite proud I drank coffee and relaxed for a moment before we were off again to magic kingdom to ride buzz mightiest and asto orbitor which was kinda scary . We went to dinner at the castle and it was amazing to see the joy on SAMs face that is what makes this trip so special she was glowing I thought I had lost that,bit she still loved the magic. They called the royal family that our table was ready Sam has all the princesses sign her princess shirt. She was smiling ear to ear when they came by.after dinner we had twwo hours in the park we got to ride slash mountain Over and over it reminded me of being a kid again and doing that with my dad. Sam always. Thinks she feels sick before we get on then oves it at the end. She is so me in soanu ways it is weird to think I comfort her in ways I still need comfort. Daddy and bo went pirates of caribian while Sam and I did slash one more time well it is one o four and we just got on bus Bo is passed out and Sam is sittin on us floor I still am amazed with how men sit while women stand with their babies it amazes me. Anyway I think I should not have had that coffee I am wound up great day perfect kids perfect husband perfect SOS taking care of my doggie i miss and perfect mom taking care of my love bug more to come tomorrow.....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

day one disney

Day one at Disney was a sucess. We got here at eleven and since we did online check in we were able to get all our tickets and such in ten min versus two hours. We went straight to magic kingdom and rode buzz lighthearted and then blue line. It started to rain which was good because the crowds cleared and we had ponchos. We continued on the journey to it's a small world then tea cups,Peter pans flight which we fast passed,which btw is the coolest thing ever,off to race cars which Bo and Sam were so pumped they could drive,then to the haunted mansion,the to much at pecorino bills where I remembered from last trip they give you so much food here we could have just used two counter service meals instead of four..we had so much food which we stashed in our backpacks.something else to remember is you can fill you waterbottles with drinks before you leave. On the bus over here Bo said Disney or. Bust he was so exceed. After lunch we did thunder mountain which the kids liked but a little scared then to splash mountain which holy moly they love love loved and loved somemore. It was so neat to see the pure excitement. Then we did aladins carpert ride, Swiss family tree house, played in the water spouts that looked like tikis, jungle cruise, saw jack sparrow then piirates of the carribian died,Bo loved the store after it then to Tom Sayers island where we explored and Bo lead the way
Then we went. To slash mt again and philamagic. Thee d show then Winnie the pooh ride the Disney carasel where the got the horses they wanted then splash mountain one more time and a train around the park we ended our night at chef mickeys and got to see all the characters come to our table as we ate dinnrer we are now waiting for our bus to go back to hotel at eleven and Bo is out I have to say sam and Bo we're perfect today all
Positive no negative all smiles no complaints I can not say how proud I am of them one time Bo said I am so thankful and Sam was al smiles all day even on the long bus wait we did not wait more then fifteen min for anything and I was never hot it was the perfect day I even got to hear bays day was great and that walker has been with Carley non stoP. And having a blast will post pics when i get home but as for now I am blogging from a little phone god is good. And we are spool blessed more to come tomorw which starts in thirty minutes and our bus just arrived

Blog from the car

I am blogging from the road on a itty bitty phone Bo said it best here we come Disney missing walker and bay kisses this morning as I sip my coffee listening to praise music for devotion gods amazing love is all around us I can feel his arms wrapped around my whole family and am excited to follow him today in all I do

Friday, August 26, 2011

random devotion

So....I have put off blogging today for two reasons....did not want to take the time away from Walker and Baylen and because I knew it was my last blog here in my cozy house for 11 days. I have decided today that I do not like change, never have and never will. But I do know this, it is out of change that I usually get my blessings. I just never can see that in the begining. It was always like that when I would leave for youth trips...hated it, but was blessed. Bringing a new baby home, felt like I was ruining everything, loved it! Don't get me started with those blessings! Did not want to keep Walker, it disrupted Riley, well look at me now, love love love him....the list goes on and on. So, as you can tell, I am bittersweet about leaving my babies, both furry and sweet. I will miss just being with them. I know they will have fun, and I will too, but will miss them much! I can choose to think positive or negative. I think I will be positive. I could say....Walker will not be here when I get back, or yes he will, I have faith. I could say, Baylen will forget me, or no he won't he will have fun with his me me and love me just as much when I get back. I could say, I just don't want to go, or I could say what a special magical trip this will be with Sam and Bo. Yes, we choose our perspective, and for the first time ever I will choose to be positive this time. God will bless me, God has Walker and Baylen in his hands. The good news is I am not leaving Riley, she is just as much with me there as she is here, YEa! I will try to post from Kevins phone, will see how that goes. As for now, the pictures above show Baylen chilling on Bo's couch with goldfish he got out of the pantry by himself...Baylen before he nap today, so cozy... I I will miss that...but just for a few days....and lastly, Last night when I was sitting on the couch Walker jumped up, and then quickly fell asleep on me. He started to snore and make baby noises, I am not kidding! I could not bring myself to get up, so Kevin took a pic(I guess my eyes are closed because I am smiling so much?), and I layed there until 12:30 am until he woke and got up by himself, and then we both headed to bed. :) Love you Baylen and Walker....know mommy loves you... see you soon :)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

great pics

Hanging out in the playhouse this morning...

Walker in mid air after catching a tennis ball

Is not missing a beat....just can't get quite as high as he use to....

Check out those thighs in those jean diapers...oh ya...
Baylen learned today he does not like wet grass....he could not stand for his feet to be dirty!

It was a fun Wednesday, busy and rushed feeling as usual, but fun. I just have to figure out the key to not feeling rushed. We played all day, but for some reason even if I have it all together I feel rushed on Wednesdays having to do a million things. I crave days with no where to go. Baylen and I played in the yard and played inside. I really do not know where our day goes...Bo and Sam, yall had a good day at school. Sam you took me into your room and you were in tears because you poked someone with a pencil today and were so worried you would be in trouble. You seemed as if you stressed about this all day. I felt so bad for you. I am so glad you came to me, I told you that the best thing was that you told the truth and did not feel good about what you did. Bo, you lost dessert today for hitting your sister. Sometimes I wonder how my kids got to be so aggressive...working on that! Three days till Disney, I am so excited, it is just bittersweet leaving Walker and Baylen behind....I will miss them terribly, but looking so forward to special time with Sam and Bo. I realized today that I still even at my age crave acceptance. I wonder what age I will be when I just don't care what people think of me. I like to think of myself as a confident person, but it amazes me how I still worry about what others think of me, if I do good or bad etc. I always try my best, I really do. I just want everyone to know I always want what is in their best interest and everything comes from the heart. Really working on raising grateful kids around here....hoping their roots are firm....

I am thankful for...
#13 Girl Talk with Samantha
#14 Red Wine
#15 Sitting at the bus stop with Walker
#16 Teaching a Pilates class that I do can enjoy
#17 Having the exited feeling of an upcoming disney trip, beach trip and first UGA game all in one week!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

corn on the cob

Relaxing day, not hurry, not much frustration, pretty good. Bo was in a odd mood, but other then that, all good. Had a conversation with Samantha today that it is perfect that we call her pepper because sometimes she is a sweet pepper and sometimes she is a hot pepper. It really fits her perfectly. I love days like today, I went nowhere. Other then taking the kids to school and going to the pool, we did not leave the house. I often wonder where the day goes, but it goes. It is so great not having to leave Baylen or Walker, I am such a homebody. I truly love days that are not busy. Baylen had so much fun today just rolling a ball back and forth to me, he loved it. He also loves when you crawl on your hands and knees and chase him. He gets this deep belly laugh going. He is such a joy and so fun. He truly is the happiest person I know. Everyday when I put him down for a nap I just can't believe the fact that he reaches for his crib, he wants to go in and I have to wake him after three hours. I know this too will pass, but right now I can't stress how much I enjoy being with him all day, and then getting everything and more done while he sleeps. It is like gold. I feel rich. I can't ask for anything more then having my kids happy in school, home with a toddler and my doggies. It was pretty cute watching Baylen toddle around in his "jean" diaper today. Wow, those legs.
When Bo got off the bus today he was not wearing the pants that I sent him in...he was wearing some stone washed short "lee" jeans. He said, mommy I missed when I went potty. I should have taken a picture, but I did not want him to think it was odd. Wow, I really hope nobody thinks I put him in those. Flashback from the eighties big time! It was even better that today I even let him wear his superhero shirt to school, but I dressed it up a bit with his nice polo khakis...never mind was classic. Bo was very excited about how I surprised him with his very first ever "lunchable" for lunch. It was one of those that comes with the ham, bread and cheese and you build your own sandwich. When we were walking from the bus he said, mom, that lunch was totally awesome. Was I suppose to put the rice crispie treat on the sandwich, I said no buddy did you? He said no, I had it for my dessert, but what was the spread stuff in a packet? I told him you put it on your sandwich, he said it was so good...Bo's first experience with was a hit! It was a great conversation...our conversations from the bus stop are always super...Bo usually ends every question I ask with "of course I did". The whole time we walk back he is searching for bugs. Sam on the other hand is racing as fast as she can to get to the tv and cookies. It was a good day, a very good day. We ended it at the pool, which was fun. It was amazing how for a while there I was watching Sam do a skit to "I'm a barbie girl" as she jumped into the pool, while I was dunking Bo and doing my best to act like a zombie or whatever it was I was to be, throwing a ball to Walker that he seemed to bring back each milli-second and make sure Baylen did not jump in on his own since is new fav thing is to jump in the water. It was chaos, but good chaos. As I was leaving the pool with three kids in the back and a happy tired dog I realized that I know I will be sad soon. When Walker is not here I will feel that void that I hurt so bad when I lost Riley. The only think that helped the pain was Walker being around. I dred the hole that I will feel when he is gone. I just can't think about it, I want to prepare myself though. It is like I have the perfect puzzle, yet we will be missing not just one piece, but two pieces. I guess it is kinda like puzzles we have at our house, we are missing pieces to them, but I know they are around somewhere. Riley and Walker may not fit into our puzzle anymore like I would like them too, but they are still around. They will always be, the may be missing, where I can't find them, but they are there.
I am thankful for...
#12 Perfect blue skies..
#13 A cleaned out car
$14 A glass of red wine
#15 A husband that works so hard for his family
#16 A family that lives so close so I don't have to miss them

Monday, August 22, 2011


Do you see something odd here????? Yes, this is the kind of day it has been, after almost giving up on the remote, I go to start the dishwasher to find, ahh, Baylen found a great place for it...

I have found today that I usually have one of two kinds of days....super busy or busy. I find that if I have nothing going on it kinda drives me crazy so I almost create work. Not that I make it up, but I find something that needs to be done and get doing it, usually to find I get pretty deep into it and find myself at the end of the day scurrying around to get the simple things done. Or, I have a day full of things that there is not enough time in the day to get them done. I often wonder why I can't seem to find that happy medium. I am either rushed, or really rushed. I still can't figure out why this is. I often feel like I do many things like 80% and nothing 100%. As much as I talk about being positive, I so often dwell on how bad I do things instead of what I do well. Baylen and I went to story time today at the library and it was so special. I watched him watch the lady and he was so into it. I have missed the feeling of a little one sitting in my lap and not wanting to get up and go. He actually clung to me when we got there, as if I was going to leave him, and he was very excited to know that I was indeed staying. I long to always remember how it feels for your toddler to sit in your lap and just be so content. They are so small and so wanting to just observe. He loved it, he dances, shook instruments and just loved it. Then we picked out books for Sam and Bo and then went to the grocery store. I always want to have one that wants to crawl out of the cart for you to hold. But of course, instead of enjoying, I find myself coming down on myself like, why don't we do this more often? Then when Sam and Bo come home I feel I can't split there time well, and then Walker, I wonder if I give him not enough of my time, but in the same thought I wonder if I give him too much and it takes away from the kids. Then, Kevin, he gets all the leftovers, which is not much! He is so understanding and we had a great talk tonight when he came in a little before ten, that we love each other and are both on the same page about feeling the same way at the end of the day. I am so lucky to have a husband that is always building me up and not tearing me down. I have to say, one of the neatest things I see each day is Sam and Bo getting off that Bus. Walker runs to the steps of the bus and is so excited, he is so proud that the kids get off and they all three run home. Sam and Bo talk a mile a minute. Bo told me today that he just loved me so much. I said, Bo why do you love mommy, is it because I just gave you another brownie. He said, no, its cause you look so good. Ahh, thanks buddy, mommy needed that. We had a blast at the pool tonight. Even though mommy felt yet again rushed making dinner for us and two other families, we still pulled it through and had a great night at the pool. Baylen jumped to me, with my hands and Bo and Sam played and played. Yet again, another time that I wish I could cut myself into thirds. I love me kids, I love my family, I just always want them to know that.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


A fun day at the pool....Uncle Andrew and Aunt Ginny joined us with Caleb and Hudson. Baylen was sporting some pretty cool hair. He was also eating everything is sight. Samantha had so much fun jumping in and being thrown in. The pool is so much fun. We had a great day starting with church, Sunday school, playing in the yard and then the pool. I really love the weekends but am ready for the routine of a week day. Walker got much better today. He was obviously from the posts earlier feeling much better this afternoon. He is sleeping at the moment right now after a big day in the yard and at the pool. Kids are in bed and it is 8:01. Time to relax with a glass of wine and prepare for the next day. I have been thinking a lot today about how grateful I am. It is amazing how right when you start to get worried and bogged down on what you have to do or need to do, it is amazing how if you just change your perspective to what I get to do and would like to do....there are so many a lot worse off. I heard two things today from our youth pastor. One, your parents are the most influential people in your lives, even though there is so many others out there trying to get our kids attention, parents are number one. This is so true. I feel this way about mine. I want to please them and have them proud of me. I still look at them for guidance and approval. It is amazing that our kids do the same for us. Even though sometimes I feel I am not making a difference and wonder if I am getting through to them, I am. It will stick. Consistency is the key. I just want them to know that they are loved and that I would do anything for them, yet I want them to know to be kind and grateful. what a hard balance. I also learned that when you think you want to write a book about something because you have so many ahh haa moments, really someone else out there has probably already written it, and there is no way we can read everything. This is the trust things again, we have to trust God that we will stumble upon the right things at the right time. He will lead up where we need to go, and put people in our life that need to be put there. It is so much easier to just sit back and let life happen rather then trying to control it all the time. My goal for the week is to just do, not wonder, think to much or over analyse, but just be where I am to be, when I am to be there and not really worry about much else. Just be.

More Football Sunday

Check out those ears.....

How did Walker find another ball....

Taking a rest in the endzone
Walker we have not thrown the ball yet, he fell for the fake

Football Sunday!

Another fun weekend at the Brodrick house. Bo wanted to play football...gotta love the UGA helmet, San Francisco jersey, spiderman pants and soccer cleats. Walker is listening to the play called also....

Interception made by Walker.....

Fumble on the play....picked up by....Walker....

Get it Bo....Walker is way off sides.....
Check out that follow through...ah yea...QB in the making!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

picture day

Bo and Baylen had a lot of fun getting in their Georgia gear and seeing the "Dawgs". We were able to see Hairy Dawg, Boykin, Smith, King, and Butler..and many more. Here are some of Bo and Bay with was not too hot, not any complaining, just fun. Now I am so ready for football...Go Dawgs!
Oh and Bo gave his silly band to number 15, not sure who the skinny white boy was, have a feeling he may play the bench, but he was the chosen one that Bo gave his silly band to, and Bo told him, here, you can have this, and wear it during the game, yea, I want you to have it. The guy looked like it was the coolest thing he had ever gotten and the players around him said they were jelous... then Bo gave some hand pounds and Bayen was tough and had his lip pout going that looked like a bulldog.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feeling old now

Samantha focused on anything other then what I am trying to tell her, I even took this picture without her noticing...she gets this from her daddy

Baylen is busted! He crawled up into Samanthas bed after she went to school and got a lovie fix

Yes, this is the types of things our dogs have to endure...
Bo lost a tooth a few days ago, number two!!!
Still very difficult for Bo to ever smile for the camera!
I have had a million things run through my mind today. Samantha, you are such a sweet girl. Your emotions amaze me and you are only eight. We have our hands full. You can be so happy then so sad within a few minutes. I love how passionate you are. Your emotion sometimes in draining to me, but it is better then having no emotion at all. You really are a mini me. We just got to work on some gratitude and positive thinking, but believe me that is a daily struggle to mommy too! You really make me laugh, you love deep and I love that about you. You are kind hearted even though you are easily annoyed. I am glad you are my best friend and I hope you know how much I love you and will be here for you, even when you yell at me. I can take the beating. Bo, you have got to have the sweetest heart of anyone I know, but the stories you make up are going to make your nose grow! You were so proud today when you brought walker to school. It was just like the book "Boomer Goes to School" We will always remember that! I love when you get mad or really excited the little vein in your neck pops out. I love that you are missing a bottom tooth. I love that you love to be outside and catch bugs and never wear shoes and when you do they are on the wrong feet. I love that you don't hold a grudge and usually just roll with the punches. You have a temper though, often are in your own little world and many look at you with a raised eyebrow, but I get ya, you are my sweet boy and it melts my heart every time you tell me "I love ya moma" Which you say on the hour, I love you too buddy. Baylen, Baylen, thank you for saying Mama today, it made my day. We had so much fun playing in your room and outside with Walker. You got your first skint knee today, I love how you dust it off. You were very confused about the rain today, it was like you were taking a shower outside. :)

Things I love....
Working out in the early morning and being finished and watching the sunrise on the drive home
Seeing Walker greet me at the door when I come in
Fixing a cup of coffee that is just right
Getting the kids to school not having to rush, and things go smoothly not forgetting anything or anybody

Eating lunch with Bo and having him tell me that when the lights are turned off that means we are on zero and if I talk I will go to the principals office and get a paddle. (again working on the made up stories)

Remembering how much I do not like the smell of milk in the school milk cartons, takes me right back there!

Taking your dog to show and tell and making your childs day, something he will remember forever!

Seeing Samantha on the playground and getting a hug, yea...still not too cool for mommy!

Coming home to see Baylen is just a shirt, diaper and fat legs

Having nowhere to go after school and just drinking coffee hanging with the kids pulling out new things we have not played with in a while

Seeing walker run in the yard as if he is in no pain!

Playing in the playhouse, just love it! So cute and cozy

making warm cookies and sipping milk with the kids when they get home

Waiting at the bus stop for Walker and seeing how excited he gets when he hears the bus

Going to the pool at night and getting in pjs, coming how reading books and ahhh glass of red wine

I thought today about how blessed I am that things work out the way that they do. It is amazing how if something was altered just a little bit then things would be different. I think back to if Kevin and I had never met, then I would not have my three beautiful children and my dogs. I can not imagine another life. If my parents had not gotten married, I would not be here, same for Kevin and his parents. It is so humbling to think about that. When we wonder if we should trust God with our plans, I think of this. Of course! Look at what his plans have done...when we think we knew, every one of the things that have happened molded me into what I am today. Thank you God for putting my grandparents together, my parents, kevins parents and Kevin and I. Help me to have all things in perspective and give thanks everyday. Help me not to be sad when things don't go the way I plan, or I am sad because time is going too fast. Let me be happy in the moments and know that the future moments will be amazing too with you by my side.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baylens legs

Could not resist the leg shot today, Baylen was helping sweep

He was very proud
Sam and Bo were not sure about me having the camera at the bus stop, actually Samantha was worried about something, I forget what, and Bo was wanting to know if I had made cookies and had milk ready, that has been his first question each day...

So today was one of those days that you feel like you are running behind. I don't know what it is, but why is it so hard to get three kids out the door. I feel like no matter how long I give ourselves, it takes that long plus five minutes to get out. If I allow 15 minutes then we need 16, if I allow 22 we need 23. Samantha is usually complaining about something...her hair, which shoes, need more juice etc. Bo is usually just wandering, really not paying attention to the tenth time I have said lets go. Baylen is usually in the pantry looking for more food. I am not being negative, I just can not seem to figure this one out. Tonight at choir is was nuts! We were running running running. I do not like days like that, I like to feel calm and put together, not fretting. When mommy frets kids fret, but maybe mommy frets because kids are fretting. I need to take a lesson from Bo and move slow like he does, yet at the same time who knows where we would be right now if we moved like Bo, we may still be heading to school! We did have a fun night though. Got books read, teeth brushed and cuddles. Bo wants to take walker to show and tell tomorrow, we will see if this is something that he made up, or if it really can happen. It broke my heart tonight to see Baylen cry in the nursery, again, since I was in such a hurry, I could not console him, not that that would have been a good idea, then Bo freaked out in the hall and would not go to choir. I do not like days like today, which ironically my bible study talked about loving everything in any circumstance. I understand the circumstance I was in today, I did not like it, but God got me through it, I just pray that God will give me peace that I did a good enough job today being a mom, some days you just feel like you were par, or maybe even a boggy! I give myself an B plus the first half, may have failed the second half, but the good news is the kids are safe, they know I love them, they were fed and are clean, well kinda, we did skip bathes, but they look clean :) The sun will rise tomorrow and it will be a new slate with new beginnings!
I am thankful for...
#9 Fresh starts on a new day
#10 Police that pull you over for not wearing your sit belt, but just give you a warning, so you feel scared enough to learn a lesson, yet it did not cost you anything
#11 Schedules
#12 Walker living one more day and my kiddos loving me no matter what

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Baylen Enjoying a cupcake for mid morning snack

Riley's garden was very pretty this morning

Walker playing with his ball...

Kids after school showing Baylen how to play with water balloons
It was a fun day! Baylen and I got the house clean and played inbetween. We danced, cleaned, did some yoga, cleaned, built with blocks, dusted, and kept that pattern going. He is really a little man now. Wearing his shorts, t-shirt and blue shoes he is starting to almost run now! He has the cutest little personality, he looks back for approval, yet does it anyway! He adores Sam and Bo. He is so excited that they are there on the sofa when he wakes up from his nap. I have enjoyed so much walking Sam and Bo into school each morning with Baylen on my hip, and walker in the front seat. Seeing them happy to go into school has been such a blessing. Then coming home having a cup of coffee and just playing with Baylen. I feel like we have so much fun just being at home together. He has been in a very happy mood as long as I don't walk out of the room. The kids love riding the bus home and love having cookies and milk when they get inside. We have a nice little routine going. Great day, could not ask for anything more! Sam is so good, Bo is so sweet and Baylen is so darn cute. :)

Waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus yesterday! What a great day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Realized something

I was coming out of jittery joes this morning and realized something. It is amazing all of the phases of life that are around us. There was a little crisp feeling in the air and this is what I witnessed just while standing in one place...
An elderly man getting a paper...looking like that was his nice outing for the morning, he looked like he was heading home, with really nothing much to do, but sit relax and enjoy. Then I saw two college girls getting coffee for there first day of class, kids riding there bikes to school, a business man getting on a bus, people walking there dogs, stressed out people, calm people and some inbetween. It made me realize that even though I love the phase I am in right now, the next one will be good and then the cycle will go on and on. It looked like to me everyone had there own agenda, not really paying attention to what was going on in other peoples lives. I wish we would. Everyone is not having the same kind of day on each day. Some of us are grumpy on someone elses happy day, some of us are worried on someone elses calm day. Someone is feeling rushed on someone elses got all the time in the world day...we all should be more aware of the phases and moods and what is going on in eachothers lives. I know I wish others would be more understanding when I am haveing one of those bad days. I should be more understanding when someone is having one too. We are so quick to judge. When I felt sad a few weeks ago after surgery when I felt like the only one that was having hard times...this is what was going on with just the people I knew...
A youth lost her mom to a tragic murder
My grandmother was losing close friends of hers
My sister was learning how to be a mom and the emotional rollar coaster that comes with that
My friends sister lost her four year old daughter who drowned
A friend of mine took her own life and left her elementary age daughter behind
We all are hurting, we are all joyful, we are all, sad, we are all hopeful, just not at the same time. I pray that God will always remind me that we can not have fear and faith at the same time. That we must trust in him that all will work out for the best. That we are not the only ones that are down, and that we should always give thanks for our blessings.

I am feeling blessed for
#5 Seeing my sweet pre-ker listen so intently to his teacher at group time today, can't beleive I cried, whats wrong with me
#6 That my eight year old did not want me to walk her to class today after three years of prying her off of me, don't know what I was sad about this, this is suppose to be a blessing
#7 That Bo thought Disney world was in the sky and that we would be seeing Riley there
#8 Baylen and I's tickle fight this morning where I would crawl to him and he would go nuts with laughter, you know the real belly laugh where no sound was coming out!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


So I can't believe I have not blogged all weekend. Since my amazing sister just came over and set my blogger to instantly come up, its all over now! I will be a blogging maniac! I plan to blog at naptime and at the end of the day! I will blog about random things at naptime and my usual daily delicious at the end of the day! Here is a pic of how Walker joined Sam and I at a game of upwards. Here are some highlights from our weekend.
Bo lost a tooth. He was in the front yard and blood was oozing everywhere. Luckly, he had no idea! With Bo's phobia he would have FREAKED! He saw a little blood on my hand and he said, is there blood mama, ok, so I lied, no no honey, no blood. Wheew, it stopped pretty fast. The face of a child that lost a tooth, priceless. I wish my kids could stay toothless forever, it is so cute. Bo is even talking different, he has such a cute voice. We went to the pool tonight, so fun. Dinner by the pool, juice boxes and daddy throwing them in, does not get better then that! Baylen loves the pool now, so fun. Walker is enjoying coming too. Friday night was a blast, pool, pizza and a movie from redbox. Kids loved it. We also had a summer storm, I love that too, when you are cozy in your house. Sat was a fun day, we did nothing, and had fun doing nothing. Lots of odds and ends. Celebrated Pop Pops b-day, love it when the cousins play together. Today was great day at church and then a lazy Sunday. Baylen has started shaking his head a lot. He really is turning into a little toddler, no more baby. I can't beleive it! He is so curious. I love you Sam Bo and Bay. Can't wait to see what this week holds for us, looking forward to a day with my Bay tomorrow, mission grocery store and infant storytime! Yea! Love it!

Friday, August 12, 2011


So having one of those days that Walker is showing you here. Can't put my finger on it, but feeling kinda blahh. Want to feel motivated, but not. Many projects to start and complete but nothing sounds too good. It has been a good day, started off this morning walking to school with the kids. Sam rode her bike and Bo ran the whole way. I love his new shoes with his skinny legs. He scares me so much when you wobbles back and forth when he runs. He has no idea how close he is to the rode, I guess that is what Mommies do, they worry for them! Baylen enjoyed his stroller ride, walker stayed home, not feeling too well this morning. I met up with a friend walking back also pushing a stroller with her little one, after dropping the older ones off. She had the idea of going to a little breakfast shop in five points and I said why not. It was delightful. Baylen and I shared a biscut as big as his head and it was refreshing to share a cup of coffee with a close friend and mom. We had a great time, then we headed home, which took five minutes, and I realized yet again why I live in five points. Love it. Baylen and I tackled Sam and Bo's rooms today. It was nice becasue he thought it was a real treat to play in there without being yelled at! We did stop for a rocky rock in his glider in his room. It was so nice to cuddle him, blanket and passy, rock and have no where to be. Until he wanted down to play again. I did get five minutes though. I will admit Baylen is napping now, and Walker looked so cozy on Sam's bed, so I joined him. I snoozed for about 40 I am up to try to get some stuff done before the bus comes....Happy Friday..this mommy is tired physically and mentally. I am going to start counting my blessings for you to hear each post I will end with three...
1. My three perfect children, husband and dog's
2. A family that loves me as much as I love them and live close by
3. The ability to not have to go to a nine to five job and have to leave my kids everyday
okay four...
4. Coffee with a friend, that was not on the schedule, but happened anyway!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baylen loves the pool

Ahh yea...Baylen loving the pool at St. Simons

In a good place

I have the most perfect schedule ever. I am 33 and feel happier then ever. I say this because even though I have saddness and hurt in my life, I have joy and blessings too. Life is like that. You have so many wonderful things, yet so many sad things too. I thought if I was still happy even though things were sad then it was like I was not really sad, but it is all about perspective. Instead of saying, I am so happy, but so sad because I miss Riley, istead I can still feel happy because she is right here with me. Always. I feel I am able to get through so much now as I watch Walker fight this battle of cancer. I see how much I love him, now I know that yes, Riley was loved, many say, they are just dogs, but they are family and they have taught me so much about love, happiness and grief.

So, back to my schedule, yet again a place I could focus on the saddness of my two older kids being at school and growing up, but I could also focus on the amazing one on one time I am getting with Baylen. He is true joy.

I rise and shine to go to the best job ever, working out!
Come home just in enough time to get the kids up and make breakfast.
Take my coffee out to Riley's garden, welcome the morning and say a prayer and talk to her
Come in and take the kids to school, being thankful that I get to go home and still have one with me...
Baylen and I have been starting our day with yoga, and play! He loves it...
Then we get some morning chores done, he is a great helper..and then have some out of the house time...
We come home play, eat lunch and while he naps is when I get work done from chores, to organizing (one of my fav's) to a list a mile long. I start with a devotion in the playhouse, it is perfect to do this at noon, middle of the day, showing that I want to make sure my mind is straight. You see, we may start good of bad, but it is so easy to get off track, so if I am off track in my thinking, I get right back on! When Bay wakes up and the kids get off the bus, I turn into a mommy. No me time, no work, just Bo Sam and Bay, and Walker too! We play, we eat, mommy has tea at 4:00. Then we clean sweep the house, everyone helps...and dinner time and daddy kisses...if we are lucky, sometimes daddy works late because he is so amazing. After dinner we play more maybe take a walk or swim. Then my fav, reading books, singing lulabies, getting in fresh jammies and smelling so yummy after a bath, milk and bed. I don't say this becasue the kids are going to bed, I just love the one on one time I have with each of them. Then it is two hours of me time, and talking to Kev about his day. I blog at night...then head to bed at 10, lights out at 10:30. And start it all over again in the morning. Gotta love it,,,,love it so much! I recently read one of my friends blogs that spoke of wanting to eat her kids up with a spoon, so get that...thought I was the only one that thought things like that. Yum!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daily Delicious

Third day of school was great. Bo still loves it! He got the wrong milk, did not know which one was the chocolate. It was his very first day getting a school lunch! Today when we went into the school he said that he wanted me to wait at the door and that he could go in himself. He ran in, ran right back out and hung his backpack, then ran right back in! Amazing. Sam did great too! She said she thinks a boy named Triston likes her. She has really grown up. Baylen and I had a BLAST today. It was the first day I feel like I have been able to just sit with him and play. It brings back memories from when I could do that with Samantha, but I am sad that I forget and can't remember them. Time just goes so fast, it is like when you look up in the clouds and see them just rushing by so fast. Took the kids swimming tonight. It was a great day. They actually all three played in Samantha's room this afternoon, it was so neat to watch, for those few minutes when all three are content with just being, no fighting, no hunger pains, life is good. Walker seems better today, spent most of the day on Samantha's bed, but good. Rileys garden is looking amazing. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow! Did I mention that Baylen is simply delicous! I could just eat em!


April 10th

Down Deep

A moms devotion

I hope I am getting deeper and deeper with God as I grow older

So often I only let him in a little

at surface level

I want to get to a place where I let God work on every layer

I want to stand strong

Don't See Me

A moms devotion

April 9, 2012


Investigate my life O God

Find out everything about me

Cross examine and test me

get a clear picture of what I am all about

See for yourself whether I've done anything wrong-

then guide me on the road to eternal life.

Psalm 139:23-24

A three year old was doing wrong

When Mommy came by he said

No No Mommy don't see me

How often do we wish God did not see us in the act of sinning?

How often do we sin and hope He will be looking the other way?

I am not bold enough to tell God I am not doing anything wrong when I know I am

We stand under His gaze every hour of the day

He wants to teach us

He wants us to live like Him

Little by Little and by His grace

I get closer everyday

Psalms 8-14

Your work is amazing

You made us lower then the heavens

You put everything out

you made it all

you are so majestic

I will praise you will all of my heart

I will sing praise

You have held me upright

You destroy the wicked

I will tell everyone how great you are

You will judge the world

and bring justice

You are a strong hold in trouble

you do not forsake those who love you

He does not ignore the ones that love him

The needy will not be forgotten

Man will not triumph

let the nations know we are just people

Why do you hide yourself lord when I am weak

The wicked does not seek God

Evil says nothing will shake me

Trouble and evil are under Satan tongue

Evil is like a lion waiting

Victims are crushed

People think God as forgotten

God do not fret the helpless

God sees trouble and weeps

God is the helper of the fatherless

Lord hears our cry

we are of the earth

I take refuge in you

Evil shoots from the shadows

the Lord is on his thrown

The lord loves justice

Help lord

I can not find faithful

everyone lies

everyone deceits

people are boastful

The lord said he will protect us

his words are flawless

He will keep us safe from the wicked

They strut around

How long Lord will you forget me

How long will I be sad

Look on me and answer me

My enemies seem to be willing

But I will trust in you

You have been good to be

The fool says there is no God

The lord looks at us and sees if there are anyone that seeks Him

No body does good

Will evil doers ever learn

God is with the righteously

Monday March 19th

Psalms 1-7

I have failed yet again

I knew I would

the thing is

now I know that I will fail, always fail

and that is okay

because I am not perfect

God is

and it reminds me

how much I need him

to do good

So back to what I was saying

I had all of these goals for Lent

as you notice

my last devotion was over 10 days ago

why did I think I needed a vacation from God while I was on vacation

He was here waiting for me

right where I had left Him

I have decided

these last twenty days of Lent

I will read 7 Psalms a day


I will post them here

I hope this will fill me

so I will be able to show the fruits of the spirit

Love: Love everyone!

Peace: A calm feeling knowing that God is in control

Patience: Knowing that God answers prayers on His time

Kindness: Good deeds

Goodness: Honesty and repenting and forgiving as we are forgiven

Self Control: Not too much of a good thing, or refraining from temptation

Joy: Happiness

Faithfulness: Loyal, a good friend

Gentleness: Being gentle with our words and actions

Psalm One

Blessed is the person that does not walk with the wicked

But He is happy with the Lord

He meditates on His word all day and night

He yields fruit and does not wither

Can't say this about the wicked!

The wind blows them away

The Lord watched over the righteous

the wicked perish

Psalm Two

Why do people plan evil things

People are so against the Lord

God laughs at this

Then He is angry

He warns those that plot evil

He wants us to serve the Lord with fear

Blessed are those who take refuge in the Lord

Psalm Three

Lord, I make so many mistakes

So many seem not to like me

But God

You are my shield

You lift up my head

I sleep and wake again because the Lord gives me strength

I will not fear the thousands against me

Strike my enemies God

From the Lord comes deliverance

Psalm Four

God please answer me when I call you

Give me relief when I get stressed

Please hear my prayers

When I am anger, I am not to sin

Search your heart and be silent

Trust in the Lord

offer sacrifices

Let your light shine upon me

God you fill my heart with Joy

I will sleep in peace because You make me dwell in safety

Psalm Five

Listen to me cry for help

I lay my request to you each morning

And wait

You do not take pleasure in evil

Wicked can not dwell in You

You destroy those that tell lies

Lead me Lord to be righteous

Make straight your way before me

Many tongues speak deceit

Spread your protection over those that take refuge in You

Surely You bless the righteous

and protect with Your shield

Psalm Six

Lord please do not get mad at me

Have mercy on me

heal me, my bones are in agony

My soul hurts

How long will I hurt

Save me because You love me

I am worn out

from weeping

My eyes are weak will saddness

I hope evil is far away from me

Lord, I know You hear me cry

I know my enemies will be ashamed one day

and turn back in disgrace

Psalm Seven

I trust You

So many Hurt me

They rip me to pieces

Lord, if I have done evil and I have guilt

then let my enemies take over me

Judge me too Lord

You search minds and hearts

If you are pregnant with evil

and conceive trouble

you will give birth to disillusionment

The one that digs the hole

falls into the pit he has made

Your violence comes down on your own head

I will thank you God for being righteous

March 6, 2012

The busy moms devotion

Psalm 68:1-4

When the house is full of laughter

we all interact better

and feel better

I want my home to be full of giggles

When my kids come home from school

and swing open the door

I want them to feel joy

Is our home always like this


Most of the time I am madly trying to get something done

Cleaning, dinner or some new project

Sometimes instead of welcoming my family with a big smile...

Sometimes I act as if they are an intrusion

Day to day life can be hard

Sometimes the quiet is nice

We maneuver over the daily grind

But when we allow ourselves to fall into that pattern

When we bark instead of talk

When we frown instead of smile

well, that's just not good

Joy is a choice

When we wake

we choose to encounter our day as

something to be survived

or something to be welcomed

I choose Joy

I want the "grind" to be life

March 2, 2012

The busy mom's devotion

1 John 1:8-10

"We claim we are free from sin, but we only fool ourselves. If we admit our sins, make a clean break of them, He won't let us down. He will forgive us and purge us of all wrongdoings. If we claim that we never sin

we contradict God

make a liar of Him

As our kids grow and change, we have to work to keep up

Whether it is sorting clothes they have grown out of

changing room colors and themes

or getting rid of toys

The work is usually welcomed, but knowing that new and nice things are around the corner.

It is amazing how nice something looks with a fresh coat of paint

all the flaws are covered just like that

This is just like our inner lives

If we give God full rein

He acknowledged our scars and flaws

and changes it

and its done

We only stubbornly remember the marks just beneath the paint

God only sees our new color

The challenge is to adopt the new color

accept his fresh coat of paint

Oh I love love love these words...

I could tatoo this devotion on my forehead!

March 1, 2012

2 Cor 12:9

But he said to me,

My grace is sufficient for you

for my power is made perfect in weakness

Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weakness

so that the power of Christ may rest upon me

For the sake of Christ then I am content

with weakness





For when i am weak

He is strong!


This voice is hard to hear over the condemning ones I hear in my head. It is okay to be weak! It is okay not to know what to do

or how to do it

It is okay to feel lost

need help

not be perfect

It is okay to fail

get things wrong

be weak

Boast at the fact that you are not good enough strong enough or smart enough

to be a good mom!

Watch what God does

Be honest with who you are and who you are not

He is waiting to make his strength perfect in your weakness

Lenton Devotion

Feb 29th 2012

I am really finding that during this lenten time I am trying to return to God

When I feel anxious

I go to him

instead of taking it on myself

I am trying to be near him

not just every once and a while

But say

Hey God

want to come with me when I go to do this

because I am kinda nervous

Hey God

can you tell me what I should do

because I just don't know

and even if you want really tell me

could you put me a peace with my choice

I am really trying to have self examination

really digging deep into who I am

and that is okay

and that the way I am

is awesome

and I am repenting

to trying to ever be what I am not

or what I am called to be

or for doubting, worrying, or judging

I am trying to Pray

now I mean really pray

not just before meals

or with the kids at bed

but a real

Hey God

I am praying to you right now

instead of making a list

or cleaning a closet

I am praying!

I will use time to mediate

whether its driving in the car

during pilates class

or in a brief shower

I plan to let go of my old ways

empty myself

to be filled with the new

and do what I want to do

and not feel bad that when I do not do

as I had planned

I will start again

I am just trying to keep that mindset

during this time of lent

Yearning to find what clutters that calandar and how I can simplify

Lenten Devotion

Feb 28, 2012

Romans 3:23

Luke 23:34

Philipians 4:13

Write down habits that you have that trouble you

Pray for forgiveness and for help

Crumple up the paper

God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change

Courage to change the things I can

and wisdom to know the difference

Lord you are my rock and my refuge

Cleanse me and refresh me

Joel 2:12-13

Lent we are to turn to God

We are to return to him with all of our heart

Start over


Empty yourself to be filled with something new

What clutters your calandar and your life

Lenten Devotion

Feb 27, 2012

Matthew 6:15-19

Reminds us to pray

Look at your hands when you pray

We must remember to pray

make it a dicipline

We don't have to give something up at Lent

we can add on

Read Scripture daily

send a note of thanks

add house hold tasks

clean out to remind yourself what really matters

Remind me to pray everyday

Read Luke 23:34

Cleanse me of my sins

Help me learn to pray

and fast

Feb 24th "A Busy Mom's Devotional"

Psalm 91:9-11

Do you have a place you can go

where you feel at rest.

The beach is that for me

It makes you smile

We are to feel this same way when we think of Christ

We are to feel at ease in his company

And miss him when we are distant

We are to make our way to him when we have been gone a while

He helps us cook in the kitchen

relax in the den

take out our garbage

He says come home to me


We are all at home in Gods house

Wherever we are

Feb 23 Lent (From Ash Wed Service)

last night was Ash wednesday and I have learned so very much

For lent this year I will not give up something just these 40 days

or add something

i will do some things that I have been wanting to do for a while

I just hope I can disipline myself

to form a habit

We recognize our own mortality

repent of our sins

and return our life to God

I will strive for simple living


and fasting

I will moderate what I eat

not eating more then a serving of something

I will pray more then I usually do

and put God first with my devotions

I will live simply by not over doing


or being

We get what we don't deserve

really we do

Gods grace




yes, we can say it

just like the sermon last week

we are bad at being good

it is okay to admit

that means you NEED GOD!


I get angry

I have pride

I can't do this on my own Jesus

I need you!I am fully dependent on you!

We think if we do enough good

it will over power the bad

no that is not how it works

None of us are perfect

We need a perfect God to help us

Lent really is a wonderful time

it is somber

but wonderful

It is a time we see what God really does for us!

Feb 22, 2012

Sunset Blooms: A moms Devotional

Matthew 16:24

There is not a baby pulling on me saying mom mom

But God is pulling at me

I am like a dry sponge

A desert thirsty for rain

I feel like I am always managing, schedules

responsibilities, behavior, consequences

There is a layer of stress that I am desperate to peel away...

If I could only prioritize my day

to spend time on what is most important

time with God

and model this to my kids

God is calling us

to come and spend five minutes

five hours

five days

with him

nothing is more important

then that

Find your space and commit it to God

He will do the rest!

God is calling each of us this day to come away and spend five minutes with Him

Noting is more important then that

If He is priority number one

Then I need to find my special time

and commit it to God

He will do the rest

Father what is my deal?

Why am I so wrapped up in my duties

Why do I put it all on myself

Cleanse me lord

forgive my lack of humility

If I prioritize my day

and spend more time with you

I will be a better model

to my kids

and everyone around me

REFUSE WORRY: devotion I used for Youth Bible study

I am definitely addicted to Jittery Joes...

I feel extremely close to God there. I think when all of my kids are finally in school (no rush) I will go there every morning, sit by the window with my laptop and coffee and blog. There is something about the wide hardwood floors that makes me feel like I am in the mountains. Nothing starts your day better then a trip there and to bring it home with you to carry you through your day! So today's devotion is right up my ally, it is on worry.

We must Refuse Worry..This is yet another way to Model Thankfulness....

God is faithful

"Do not be anxious for anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God"

Philippians 4:6

Worry is an indication that we think God can't look after us

Assurance grow in unexpected places! Think of a flower packet. You get one and the flowers look beautiful on the cover, then you open the packet and they are ugly seeds. Just think, life is like this, there are different seasons. There are seasons when we plant the seed, and the seed is ugly and we do not see anything pretty about what is going on. Then that season changes, and a beautiful flower stands before us. Seasons do change, It is not winter all the time, just like it is not summer all the time, just life life, it is not good all the time, but nor is it bad.

How can an ugly little seed produce such a beautiful flower? How many seeds of faith have I planted and then just walked away, while God still tended to them? Even when we are faithless God is still faithful!

Everywhere you turn there are reasons to worry. Do not let yourself stay there long, God is your strength...

"I am always with you, I will hold your right hand"

Psalm 73:23-26

I often worry about death, It kills me to think about leaving my children. But the devil likes this, the devil is loud. He knows how to exaggerate our problems and worries. God uses everyday circumstances to teach us truth and to show us faithfulness. We must enjoy that and not be anxious.

We don't think of it when we voice our fears and worries in front of our kids. We would never think of giving them poison to eat, but teaching them to worry rather then to trust God really is the same. Their roots will be shallow because our are too! When kids have hard people to deal with do they do what we say? Are they calm or do they rage?

It is so tough to teach kindness if we are petty. Hard to teach to trust if we fear. Have to shift cares to faithfulness. Fear over Faith sometimes happens, of course it does! Jesus loves us even then. Let your kids see you ask for forgiveness and a renewed perspective. Use our mistakes to teach forgiveness.

Worry looks at life without God in mind. Every single time I get caught up in worry it is because I have lost my perspective

Do not worry, do not do it!

Don't worry about anything!

Instead pray about everything!

Tell God what you need and don't forget to thank Him for it when He answers!

"Give your attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what might or might not happen tomorrow, God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when time comes"

Matt 6:34

We are the boss of our perspective

We make the choice to entertain worry or walk away from it

Gods promises are often linked to our obedience. When we love Him and trust to do what He asks of us, we can know that we are in the center of His will

"If the lord delights in a mans way, he makes his steps firm though he may stumble he will not fall"

Psalm 37:23-26

My God will supply all of our needs according to His riches, not mine

It is amazing how those seeds will take root when you hear your own kids say things like, Mom Jesus is working on that, or lets pray about it. Sometimes the bigness of their faith confronts the smallness of mine.

We love our children best when we love Him most, The more connected you are to Him the more assured you'll be of His faithfulness and your kids.

He will have not fear of bad news, his heart is steadfast and trusting the Lord

Psalm 112:1-9

One of the best gifts you can give your kids is the gift of assurance, modeled by a heart of peace. Not that you will pretend everything is ok when it not but amidst your heartaches and struggles you can kneel down to your child's level look int her eyes pull them close and let them hear you say, God will not forsake us

What we sow we grow

Refuse worry and embrace Faith every change you get!

Model a humble and thankful heart, refuse to give your kids everything they want, but assure them God will provide them with everything they need. Take Gods offer of peace in every season

This week I want to try to...

as soon as worry creeps up, I will bring it to God and read Philippians 4:6

Practice gratitude out loud every day

Post bible verses that help me with worry

Pray with my kids and teach them how to thank God

Walk my kids through worried times

Forgive me for the ways that I am prone to worry. I forget that You are always good and faithful. Lead me in your everlasting way. For my worry is a result of my won disobedience, show me how to make it right. Help me to live in the center of your will. Help me to cultivate peace and rest in the home. I trust in You and I will not be afraid.

My Own Devotion: 1 Peter 3:8-9

So today's devotion is pretty simple, but simple is what I like these days. It amazes me that God seems to show me each day what I am craving. As I laid awake most of the night last night, wondering how I can be a better mom by balancing being their friend and parent at the same's devotion really sums it up. Treat others like you would like to be treated. That really is all I need to teach them. Samantha, lets not sassy talk your mommy and scream at your brother because you don't like it if I sassed you or yelled at you. Bo, lets not hit our grandaddy even if you are just playing, because you would whale if someone did that to you, Baylen, well, Baylen you are doing just too Walker... :)

Yes, I think if I can tell them this daily and most importantly live it, it may even stick. I want to give them what they want, but sometimes giving them what they want and letting them have a little too much control really is not giving them what they need. I want my children to be greatful and kind. I think they will be if we live like Jesus want us to and live this simple truth.

Camp Anxiety: A moms devotion

Be agreeable...Be sympathetic....Be loving....Be compassionate....Be humble...

It is my job to bless others and therefore I too will be blessed

We are always so busy judging others, lets get more busy loving others.

1 Peter 3:8-9

Genesis 25: My own devotion

Today's devotion was not from my devotional, but from some things that I have witnessed and seen, which in turn reminded me of a sermon I heard from church last weekend. It is all about how we want signs from God. We often say, God if you do this then I will have faith. I often do this. I want to bargain with God or have him show me the way, when really I must remember that that is not what faith is all about. Yes, he makes the plans for us, he wants us to be happy, safe and the best for us. But, we have a choice. Sometimes we make the wrong choice, should we blame God, no. Just like sometimes when we make the right choice do we always thank God, no. We often times question Him in the bad times, yet don't thank Him in the good ones. Sometimes when I worry if I am doing the right thing or if what I am doing will lead to good, this worry really is a lack of faith. Anything worth doing is going to be hard, or everyone would be doing it. There really is not much difference between someone that fails and someone succeeds. The difference is commitment. You could be moving at snails pace, but are you committed? Most times the person who is successful and the one who fails really had the same amount of failure in the begining, it is just the one that succeeded stayed committed and the one that failed did not. We too often have a vision of what is right in front of us. We want proof.

I also got to thinking about how today really is my story, just like yesterday was and tomorrow will be. Our day is not wasted, it is all part of our book. That is why I can't write a book, because it would need a new chapter each day. I could not just cut it off. A day is not waisted if you learn from it and love in it.

I also have found that each time I start to worry or wonder something happened that gets me right back on track. Its like I am starting to weave over in my lane and something jerks me back. Like today in the grocery store, I was going over in my head, now is this really the best buy, should I buy this brand or not...then a lady collapsed right next to me. I got down with her and another women and I motioned for someone to call 911. Right there, bam, perspective. Who cares if I got the right snacks for the kids, my kids were okay, that was all that mattered. Then the other day, I was wondering about something and flashing lights behind me. A police pulled me over for not wearing my seat belt. What a blessing this was. I may have been in a wreck in a few days, but now Bo screams to me to buckle up every time we get into the car, its all about perspective. I also saw a commercial about texting, and how it is such a problem. They showed a text from a mom that said, this is the text my daughter was reading when she ran into a tree and died. It can happen so fast, are we too involved in looking every which way. We have to balance not having such a short line of vision where we can't look into the future, yet short enough where we are enjoying the moment. It is like I have to tell my kids constantly, enjoy the moment, be grateful, don't worry about what you don't have, look at what you do have. But I also want them to see the big picture and know that God is good, and even if we are in a bad time right now, press on, stay committed and you will be on top again. God is good, all the time, all the time, God is good. Today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Random Devotion

Bo asking if there are any questions about his dog Walker, his show and tell!

Love how walker looks like he is looking at Bo like, am I really doing this right now?

Bo waiting for his class to come out and see his show and tell..Baylen catching bubbles

In a daze...

Today's devotion is two fold. I went to lunch with Bo and took walker for his show and tell, that was more then God could ever speak to me through a devotion! It was perfect. It was fun eating my very first ever lunch with Bo, just me and him, no Baylen or Sam to steal my attention. I brought him his favorite Burrito! When the lights went off he told me I had to be quiet and if I was not then I had to go to the principals office and get paddled. Yikes! Bo's class read a book about Boomer the dog went to school so of course Bo wanted to take his dog! Walker was a huge hit! Bo was so proud. He asked everyone if they had any questions. Then as I was walking back I got to see Samantha also, she was happy to see Walker, more so then me I think. It was a perfect hour. Walker got a lot of love, Bo was prouder then ever, and Samantha looked like she was having a blast. Not to mention today Baylen said MaMa for the first time and we played for hours blowing bubbles and in the yard....great day...God is good...and know he is hanging with Riley smiling down. :)

"Gods gifts put mans dreams to shame"

"I will supply you all of your needs according to my riches not yours"

Today's devotion was perfect for me, since I have been struggling a bit lately with having both fear and faith at the same time, they do not go together! This is a bible study that I am teaching tonight from a book by Susie Larson and growing grateful...

"Gods gifts put mans dreams to shame"

"I will supply you all of your needs according to my riches not yours"

"It is a good thing to have all the props pulled out from under us occasionally, it gives us some sense of what is rock under our feet and what is sand"

We are often tempted by fear, but you are faithful. Give us the bigger picture and perspective. You know our needs. We praise you. Open our eyes so we can see you in the many surprising ways you plan on showing us along the way. Help me to remember that you are always good. You are always working and always thinking of me. Forgive me for my tendency to grumble, complain and worry. Remind me to practice gratitude everyday, Help me to voice my blessings far more then my burdens. Help me have expectant faith!

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ" Philippians 4:19

Balance:youth Bible study

I can't believe how much God works in our lives. The minute I take on so much I am reminded that God is sayin "I got this".


can't I remember

this daily


does it take


for me to

say, oh yea

I was struggling yesterday

with balance

Everyday I do this

Every day I say,

today is the last day

I am five minutes late

Today is the last

day I feel frustrated

Today is the last day I am

down on myself

Today is the last day I try to be four places

at one time

I could go on and on,

But I realized today

that the day I

find perfect balance

I will no longer be

here on this earth...

I will be in heaven,

the perfect place.

Like I have said before,

Until Riley died I can

honestly say I did not believe

in my heart that heaven was the

perfect place.

I said it

I knew it

I was told it

But I did not believe it

No sir, not for me...

Sounds great and all but I can't picture that place.

Now I know Riley is there waiting,

for some reason that does not sound

scary anymore.

The fact that I know that she is there

and all is balanced and good

and that I will see my loved ones there again

Yes, I can do that

Not saying I want to go now, I still

struggle everyday with the thought

of leaving my kids,

But when I do lose someone I love,

I know I will see them again,

I know that when I go,

I will have balance.

But while I am here,

my goal is not to have balance,

but to be happy with the shaky feeling,

Look at it will a grateful heart instead of a frustrated one

Know that I am doing the best that I can,

Here are some things that I often worry about...

Do I schedule enough, am I too scheduled

Does Sam know I love her when I am with Bo

Does Bo know I love him when I am with Baylen

Does Baylen Know I love him when I am with Sam

Does Daddy know I love him when I am with Walker

Does Walker know I love him when I am doing a million

other things and just stepping over him?

Do I teach my kids by not giving them all they want or do I deprive them when

I don't and they look at me with that disapointed look?

Do I make them eat too healthy?

Do they eat healthy enough?

Am I balancing my work with being a mom,

Do I get too consumed?

Do I let my husband know how much I love him

Do I let my parents know how they are the most

perfect parents I could ever have

Do I let people know how much they mean to me

I realized also that God shows us things when we need them. Just when

I was thinking all of this I opened a friends blog on affirmation. She too had

taken the love languages quiz like I recently have,

and her love language, like mine, is

words of affirmation

Why do I need everyones approval

Why do I worry so much

Why do I think I am not good enough

My kids love me, and it is okay

if I am not perfect

I need to learn how to be happy

without being perfect

I need to learn how not to perfect myself to death.

I want to do things because I want to do them,

not to get a pat on the back or a you are awesome.

I prayed today during devotional that I could find balance in not

being balanced.

That being shaky is okay, as long as I am

doing what I love and loving what I do.




I think that all three are so important and the true balance

is that you allow yourself to have all three within eachother.

Love God while you love your family

Love your Family while you are loving others

Love others while you are with your family,

and knowing that God's got it all

in the palm of His hand.

Lord Teach me to be gracious, grateful, peaceful and content...

I do not need affirmation from anyone but you....

Help me to show others your love through my actions everyday...

John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy,

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full"

I listened to a sermon today about not hitting rock bottom but having a rock bottom so when the storm comes you have something to stand on.

The sermon was based on

John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy,

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full"

What is abundance?

Is it driving the best car, having the biggest house, having not only what you need but what you want, never being sick? Always get your way...what is your formula for abundance?

Jesus talks a lot about money, but never about how we should accumulate it, but how we should share it and how we should be very careful that it is not our master.

Know what you are doing

Believe in what you are doing

Love what you are doing

That is abundant life

That is what Jesus wants,

He wants us to be happy and to have something to live on, die for and to love.

Build something to live on, don't be like the man that build his house on sand, when life is a challenge you better have your house on a rock.

Will you believe?

Our past is forgiven

Our present is being infused with hope

Our future ensures it!

Seeing is believing is what we often hear, but it really is believing is seeing...

We all look at the same thing sometimes and can all see it differently, what do you see when you see the grand canyon? It is the same thing, but all have a different take.

We don't have to know all of the commandments, God says just know one and the rest are gravy, because if you live this one out, the others will come natural.

"Love your God and your neighbor"

At some point we disappoint each other, others disappoint us and we disappoint others.

No reason to go looking elsewhere, because you will be disappointed there too.

God calls us to believe in each other. Mr. Rogers always said everyone wants to be loved and everyone is lovable.

We are not who we were yesterday

We will not be tomorrow who we are today

We are always transforming

The process of life is becoming...God transforms our lives...

God gets into our sticky mess and brings good, He is gracious and we should be too!

A man was invited to dinner at a families house and he ate his peas with a knife.

The little girls laughed at him. Then the dad started to do it and it was hard, before you knew it they were all trying and realized what a talent it was. You could just laugh at others, or you could look at them graciously and be transformed. Now the family always eats their peas with a knife. And when they do they remember that they are to be gracious and grateful.

Don't you want to always be remembered that you always were gracious and loved others...

isn't that abundance?

A man always went to the end of the pier and fed shrimp to the seagulls. Years before he was stranded on a boat and held his head down knowing he would die and that he had lost hope. Then he felt a seagull and knew that land was near and that if he caught that seagull he could hang on, so he did, he ate it and used parts to fish and eat fish. Sure enough he was rescued. He said he feeds the seagulls everyday out of gratitude. He is gracious, and that my friend is living an abundant life.

Having Fun:My devotion

First I want to blessed I am that I am sitting here on my daughters bed, fan on, in complete quiet as Baylen naps, with Walker at me feet, he is a soft foot rub, he is napping and I can feel my toes go up and down as he breaths in and out...If I could just bottle up this feeling of peace and sell it I would make a lot of money...but this is my true happiness....I will keep it to myself....never knowing what the future holds...when I no longer have a baby napping or a doggie at my feet, I will have them memories because of this blog, and I will have so many more fun adventures to come....

Today I read about Having Fun

God wants us to have, wish I did not feel so guilty about it sometimes...

We must take time to play

"Our loving God wills that we eat, drink and be merry"

Amidst the daily grind of laundry, dishes and whatever else is thrown our way, we should still find time to bake cookies, fill water balloons, and judge pretend barbie beauty pageant's and gymnastic meets.

We should allow for sleepovers, host neighborhood get together, and cook dinner and eat as a family. Often

All of these things show our kids a constant celebration of life!

Let the kids have "a blast" let them make forts on the weekend, sleep in them, pop popcorn, watch movies, and camp out!

Have dads play little silly games like having the kids run across the living room and trying to hit them with a pillow...


Have your kids engage in their own playtime. Life is a gift worth celebrating in both the good and bad times. God carries the world on His shoulders so we don't have to! When we still play in the hard times, we send a message to our kids that we believe God is in control and that He is faithful...

When we spend time with our kids they know they are valuable to us. Making room for fun is like planting seeds of faith in the landscape of our lives. If we take ourselves too seriously we are missing out on some of the best parts...

We live in trying times. Faith and gratitude are appropriate in all seasons of life

We should not try and spiritualize everything, just plant those seeds

Water fights, lemonade stands, movie nights, and story times are like streams of refreshment in the dry times in life.

The Lord directs the steps of the godly, He delights in every detail of their lives

Psalm 37:23

Every good gift comes from above James 1:17

God has a great sense of humor and he also is a great father and protector.

Take time to play, but don't just play

Model this everyday....

Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 37:8

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart

Psalm 37:4

What does delight mean? It means to be pampered, How do you pamper yourself? Do you pamper you marraige? How do you pamper yourself in the Lord? Go on a date, spend time talking with God just to be there, not to ask for something. Pamper yourself with His presence.

The word delight also means to be happy happy about God coming through to us through trails. Remember things , live in the moment and dream. Finding joy in Gods perspective regardless of your current circumstances.

To delight also means to make a sport of....Acknowledge God in every fun thing that you do and remind yourself that I am His and He is mine, Make time to enjoy your family, thank God when you are biking a trail, or sitting on the porch sipping lemonade.

He mentions our name to someone in a position to help us, or to influence. He opens doors for us. Instead of straining to get our way, we rest on God.

That is what Cease striving and know that He is God means!!!!! Psalm 46:10

HE knows your name,

He knows where you live

If we delight in Him, He will establish us

Thirty Six Miles from Camp: A moms devotion

I am constantly coaching myself to make room for God to move,

to live aloud in my life reather than be stifled by me.

This is hard.

I get stretched in ways I don't wish to be stretched. But in the end it is always good.

Because God is good.

All the time

God you are alive and well,

your spirit is within me

Help me recognize stress and trouble as opportunites for you to minister to me,

Help me enbrace such days with joy and faithfullness,

I long to be worthy

As the cool fall breeze comes through the open windows in my house,

I just breath,

enjoy and smile

After watching My baby today love on my baby nephew,

I just breath, enjoy and smile

Knowing that as soon as it is peaceful,

crazy can come right around the corner. But for now, I will enjoy the breeze,

the smell of freshly mopped floors,

a fridge full of healthy food and just breath and thank God for the times I feel weak the stronger I really become...

2 Corinthisan 12:7-10

Ask For Wisdom:youth bible study

God Is Is Generous

"Rescue me from the person who tells me of life and omits Christ, who is wise in the ways of the world and ignores the movement of the Spirit"

My days are a blur

Little time to stop and smell the flowers

Mounds of Laundry

Stacks of dishes

piles of mail

toys scattered in the house and yard

Keeps me hopping from one thing to the next

I take a deep breath

Just for a minute

Look out the window and see the trees responding to the wind.

It is God whispering, but what was he saying

My kids often ask, how do I know to do the right thing versus the wrong thing

It is like I sometimes don't know the difference between Gods voice and the Devil

It can be so tricky

You know your mothers voice, your dads voice

When you spend so much time with someone you know their voice, the same holds true with God

It is like when you are on a hike, right with your mom or dad

You don't want to get lost or hurt, so you stay close

Then you get curious,

you slow, you wander a little

Pretty soon there is a lot of space between you and you can't see mom or dad anymore

It would be easy for someone to slip inbetween and trick you, if you were distracted

If we allow ourselves to get too busy with life where we forget about God,

We are easy targets for the devil

In 1 Peter 5:8 it says the devil prowls around looking for someone to

devour and confuse

God does not move away from us, we move away from him

"My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me" John 10:27

I enjoy having family discussions with the kids as often as possible

We need to make it a weekly habit

Next time we do I will bring this up to them...

What would you do if the bank offered you free money, take all you want?

Well, God has given us something similar, yet worth so much more.

James 1:5

Wisdom:youth bible study

All we have to do is ask for it and God will supply generous amounts of it

Wisdom keeps you out of trouble, money can't always do that

Wisdom can help you in relationships, money can't

Wisdom guides you through hardships, make choices and much more

I ask for wisdom many times a day

"If nay of you lack wisdom he should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him"

James 1:5

There is no one size fits all parenting manual

God directs us while we are outside playing

in the grocery store

or observing another mom with her child

We should always be in a state of expectancy and leave room for God to come in as He likes

I want to be an in control mom

But when I am not

I should tell my kids I am sorry, and that I am praying for wisdom

We need wisdom because we are a work in progress

Sometimes we parent out of reaction to the moment

but we need to parent to the bigger picture of what God is doing all around us

Isaiah 8:13-14

Do not fear anything except the Lord He alone is the Holy One If you fear Him you need fear nothing else, he will keep you safe

Fear looks at life without God in mind, and yet this God that we serve is mighty and strong and true

A million things could happen

but many never will

Fear opens the door to worry

fear keeps us from going to the place God wants for us to go,

it cripples us and faith sets us free

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious for anything

A stable trusting heart is the best gift we can give our kids

Teach me your ways oh lord fro you are My God may your good Spirit lead me on level ground

Psalm 143:10

Pray on Psalm 139:23-24

Memorize James 1:5 and live it

Old Sermon

I re listened to a sermon today

And now I know why

It was what God wanted me to hear today!

Started off talking about how your dog thinks you are awesome

What person is so excited to see you each day

Shakes crazy

Is never in a bad mood

an dis so loyal

We do not meet people like that

Spoke of a book "call of the Wild"

I have to read that

About a man and the love between he and his dog

He whispered in the dogs ear, "As you love me"

The dog was motivated to do what other thought he could not do

Just by his owner saying this

Genuine love is more then a feeling

It is when a storm comes and you keep going

Love at first site is easy, but what about love after 40 years?

It got me thinking about my love for my kids and dogs

Yes, I am tired, but I would do anything for my kids

This is when I had the ah ha moment


If you show love, really show love, then that is doing more then God would ever want from you

I feel so down on myself sometimes, but I got this!

Lately I feel down because I feel like I love too much

Why am I so sad Riley is gone....because I loved her so much

Why am I so sad to think Walker is hurting...because I love him so much

Why do I get sad when my kids grow up, or when I can't be with them, because I love them so much

Why do I get homesick, because I love being with my family...

I do love deep, I thought too deep, but I would rather love too deep and love

then not to love and not have heartache.

I want to be my kids cheerleader, their go to person, their rock, their spiritual role model

their safe haven

Love is what drives me

Real love moves us to act

Jesus says to love one another like He loved us

Then everyone will know we belong to Him

Our behavior does not always reflect our love

We need to look our for each other, feel compassion, do what we would want them to do for us

Love at the right moment can be liberating!

Calling it love does not make it love

We know if when we feel it and experience it

Love is the most important thing we will ever do

I got that!


and yet again, the storm continues..a devotion done by me!

I tell you, right when I start to stray, and think I am in control

God reminds me

He is in control

God did not send the bad

But he is with us through the bad

We will never be happy and at peace all the time

You can think about this and worry

Or, you can think about it and it will make you happy

because you will enjoy the happy times even more

I look at things so differently now

I have no tolerance for negativity

None at all

In fact I have to walk away...really people...does it really matter in the scheme of things

The things I hear people gripe and complain about or worry about it mind boggling...and yet I catch myself doing it daily, believe me....I am starting with myself!

The only people that I can tolerate it from are kids

They do not know better

they are suppose to live in a bubble

I do want them to be grateful though and I am trying so hard to teach mine this,

But I can understand when they have fits over little things

Us adults should know better

Right when I try to be perfect I realize that there is no need

What I need to do is what I think at that moment is the right thing to do

If I chose right, then great, enjoy

If I chose wrong, don't dwell, learn and more on

No what if thinking here

Everything happens for a reason

God will teach us through everything no matter what

He will not take the pain away, but will be with us through the pain

We love and have to let go, let go and still love

I have to say I enjoy a sunday fall day in the yard sitting in the sun more then I ever have before

Goals for this week

Be the best wife, mom, daughter, friend, sister, grandaughter, niece, cousin that I can be

The rest will fall into place

"Stinky Feet" Mom devotional

If we claim we are free of sin, we are only fooling ourselves. A claim like that is nonsense. On the other hand if we admit our sins make a clean heart, he won't let us donw, he will be true and He will forgive our sins and purge us of all wrongdoing

1 John 1:5-9

This is like when you have stinky feet, the kind that smell good to you but not to others. This is like the sins in our lives. If we live with some of our sins long enough we don't notice them, but others do, God does. What is your stinky feet, pride, jelousy, anger, gluttony, greed..

I think mine is worry and perfectionism

Smell me lord, and give me your sense of smell!

Katherine Wolf-a blog that I follow...she truly inspires me. Here are some things I have read from her blog...

So I have been reading about a girl named Katherine Wolf for three years now. She has truly inspired me. She had a near death experience and lived to tell about how it strengthed her faith. She is still not able to so many of the things that we take for granted, and she still is having surgeries. I wanted to share a few things that I have learned from her that I feel inspire me!

Work and Pray Work and Pray and Work and Pray somemore

FAITH HOPE PRAYER ATTITUDE will carry you through anything

We can't control what happens to us in this life,, what we do have is control over our response to what happens to us

Celebrate life anyway! Even if it is not waht you thought it would be, Expectations can destroy the potential for a wonderful though different, future experience. Enjoy life reguardless!

Perspective is truly the key!

If you are thankful when life was easy how can you not have gratitude when things are rough?

Be greatful in the storm, for all things that have NOT happened instead of focusing on what did happen

ADL's these are activities of daily living praise them!

Don't wait to celebrate!

Life is tough for everyone! We are all fighting battles, and defeating difficulties, We are all fragile.

Celebrate all the trips to the grocery store, we are too blessed to be bitter, Love food, food makes me happy! Brunches are the best!

2 Corithians 1

Help each other

Have fresh flowers around

Cling to hope, we must trust

Hebrew 6:19

Katherine says we should try trader joe organic ginger pear white tea

Just do it, take a vacation, what are you waiting for

Just have fun, in the yard, in a hammock, by a kiddy pool, taking a nap together, just celebrate!

Thank you Katherine Wolf for teacing me these things and help me to continue having the attitude that you carry!

I have been meaning to blog about some devotions that I have recently read...this is a lot...I plan to post daily on the devotion that I have for the day...but here are some good ones that I have had this summer, just need to work on living them!"The Busy Mom's Devotional" byLisa Bergren

God is in control of the big stuff, we have to have him at the core, do core work. It is all about balance, as if we were doing Pilates, God wants us to make sure our core is strong with him!

Ephesians 1:15-21

Slow Down, take baby steps. Celebrate the small victories. Just put one foot infront of the other to get closer to your goal

Lamentaions 3:20-23

God protects us, He makes up the difference when we are weak, Satan attacks when we are weak and not looking

Eph 6:10-18

Make me look at you God when I get strung out, We get so busy and kids want our attention and we just don't look at them, that is how God feels, he takes our cheeks as if our toddler does and says, look at me!

John 10:24-28

Know the difference between your wants and your needs

Isaiah 33:10-16

We choose to look for the sun when life seems grey, Christ is the Sun! Attitude is choice

Matt 5:14-16

God is the timekeeper. Enjoy every little moment..Big and small be proud

Matt 6:34

We stray, but GOd wants us to study His word, Get your priorities straight

Psalm 26:1-3

I am afraid of loved ones getting hurt, Prayer helps to let our loved ones not make bad choices or innocent ones that would cause harm otherwise

Proverbs 4:10-15

God Bless you means God interupt you

Deuteronomy 30: 19-20

Like riding a bike it is all about balance, Don't worry, you can feel the balance on a bike, sorry I worry about things, Help me to feel the balance, can't you feel God catching you when you wobble?

Genesis 28:13-15

When we are weed free it is short lived. We have to examine the soil in our lives daily! How is the soil in your spiritual garden, We have many weeds, jelousy, greed, worry, envy....

Matt 13:18-23

Be happy with the body that you have

1 Thess 5:23-24

I am just as good as the other person, Why do I think I am not worthy?

John 3:16

I obsess. We think of the future or think of the past why not emmerse ourselves in the present, can't live in fear, just praise the present

Isaiah 29:15-16

Bottle feeding our babies, weaning them is like how God must feel, God wants us to celebrate our steps, but wants to cradle us close, wants to urge us but hold on to us How do I encourage not smother give space but be near?

1 Peter 2:1-3

Confess when you blow it! It is Gods plan, not ours. Life is full of go Fish moments, like the game. You don't know what you may get or what life will deal ya. Whatever you do pull, GOd is there

Psalm 34:14-19

Communion reminds us that he is all that we need, He lives in us

Matt 26:26-29

We get frustrated when we don't understand someone, this is how God feels, language barrier with Him. It is not when GOd shows up, it is when we do our part to bridge the gap, Make that path worn!

Isaiah 11:1-2

When do I embarass God? When am I the ugly person, we often point fingers when am I the one that God is looking at like we look at others being rude

Luke 24:45-48

Help me know where to say yes or no, Wounds take time to heal, salt water stings, and heals at the same time

Proverbs 12:13-18

Need to live in community with eachother, we need to live in peace

James 3:17-18

Find strength when we are weak, Feel uneasy sometimes, be brace need Gods protection

Psalm 34:4-8

Dont get abosorbed in day to day and lose track of God, Are you in a "night" right now, daybreak will come! Trust in the lord and Hold on! Don be narrow minded

Romans 13:11-14

Candle image, we are a box, Candle is knowing God, wick is long so easy to lite, the flame dancing is the holy spirit, we are the window to let the light shine!

Phil 2:15-16

Wow, being content with every circumstance, life can change in an instant, what does life hold for me today, Joy or tradgedy, everyday is an adventure, God stays the same

Phil 4:11-13

You will be strong when you settle down and depend on God. You are so unwilling to do this, We are like baby birds calling to our father, Sqwaking is what GOd wants! HE wants us to cry out to Him often, big and small things, it's His gig! He is the mother robin role, takes care of the day to day needs, teaches us to fly. Forgive me for racing ahead and taking life in my own hands, let me depend on ou God takes time to do things right!

Isaiah 30:15

God's plans are to take care of me. Not to abandon me. He listens. Go to Him. Are you doing what you were born to do? It should be your goal. Satan puts things out there for us to be discouraged, Pray for Gods direction and ignore the enemy! The process is slow, our job is to stay on the path, moving forward, find peace in the journey!

Jeremiah 29:10-14

Inedpendence Day! God does not want my independence, He wants dependence on Him! We feel secure relying on ourselves, and we think God is rather iffy. I know GOd can do things, He just sometimes does not do what I want Him to do, learning to depend on Him is hard! Trust His timing daily. Hard to submit! Thanks for keeping with me GOd! Thank you for your grace! I submit my life to you!

1 Thess 5:23-24

God cares about the flowers, so He cares about me! We have three days like flowers, die suffer or bloom! We have dieing days, we have suffering days and we have blooming days, God is always shielding, watering and fertilizing....

Matt 6:30-33