My Loves

My Loves

Sunday, October 4, 2015

I am so proud of your kind heart. I love you love to hug...leap through a room and share your thoughts with me at night. I love that you are 12 and love princesses...dinsey...barbies and sleeping with a lovie. I love that you seem to have the perfect balance of wanting to be at home and with your friends. I love you admit when your wrong...crave to good...but don't stress too much about being perfect. I love your passion for soccer love for running and creative writing and drawing. I love that you nurture your brothers yet are very aware of the nerves they can step on too. I love your faith journey that you are creating and questions you are asking. I also love how soft your hair is

I love your dedication to baseball. I love how you stand, hold a pencil and the faces you make. I love that you love animals so deeply. I love that even when you try to lie, you can't. You work so hard at what you love and are not ashamed to admit you don't want to work hard at what you don't. I love your desire to dress up, decorate, dance, practice baseball and the list goes on. I love our jam sessions on the way to tutors, our time at night reading bible stories and your way you blow me away with how you memorize things. You eat more then anyone I know and I have no idea where you put it. I love that I have a million ideas in my mind of what you will be when you grow up..the sky is your limit

I love you have to have a lullaby sang to you at night before you go to bed. I love your long locks and your love for a crisp shirt. I love that you LOVE to color with me. I love that you love to learn and want to sound out words and read books. I love that your back pack is as big as you are. I love your little figure and how husky you are in a good way. I love that you have big eyes and make so many funny faces. I love your love for helping me cook and do creative things. I love that you are not really into the sports thing but are willing to give it a try even though you would rather just chill and snack. I love how you run.

I love how when your hair grows out it gets poofy and looks like a mushroom. I love how you say mommy all the time, really I do. I love that your still like to rock in a chair. I love that you love your passy aka piece, your cookie monster and your blankie aka night night. You could drink more milk then I can keep in the house. You love to play legos and build with figures aka figers. I love your little flat bottom and how you love to dance by bouncing up and down. I love the time we have together when everyone else is at school whether it be going to the gym, taking Nana to get her hair done or going to the grocery store. You are my little boy....please stop growing...

I love that when we were at Disney Baylen answered my question about why is Disney so awesome with "its just so magical" I love that McRae leaps into my arms off the bed in the morning with no fear that I would not catch him with a big grin to start the day. I love the joy. I love it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baylen doing the Whip and Nae Nae
 Love this guy
 So sweet when he is sleeping
 First game....

 Baylen exercising 80's style

Bo wanted to sleep in the Athens Little League Banner

 This guy just realized the Halloween store is open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Fell asleep on the way to the second day of school
 Confirmation Retreat

 Look who got a dollar from coach cause he threw five strikes in a row

Monday, September 21, 2015


I have a new cook in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are my sunshine

Precious when they sleep
Triatholon.....Samantha in the water
starting the run
finishing the bike

Yeah Pepper!!
McRae watching like a champ

Bo gave Samantha his St Louis hat to take to two week camp
Baylen taking Piper on a walk or should I say run
Picture I got of Pepper at camp...miss that girl SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much
Tennis CAmp....GOOOO the Bandana

Camp picture
I GOT MY GIRL BACK   ONE HAPPY MOMMY BIG TIME... she brought us back matching shirts!
Camp out with BO!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it
We loved getting up in the morning and watching the sunrise let him go for a special swim before any other campers got up

Bo is the one who always remembers Piper
Love it when the kids want to dress up

Went to the lake with some good friends
Probably my favorite picture EVER

Happy Fourth of JULY
Parade number 8

4th of July cook out at me me and grandaddys

Master Builder Baylen

Everyone ends up in my bed

surfs up
This map makes since to bo and that is all that matters :)