My Loves

My Loves

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Baseball tryouts....makes momma nervous

It must be St Paticks day...cause everything is green!!!!

So this is what I found when I closed the stall at Walmart...this was Very refreshing

Watching Baylens first ever T-ball game!!!! McRae wonders when it will ever be his turn...seems like yesterday Baylen was that age wondering the same thing

Bo's Concession Stand Birthday Party....Turing 9 and feeling Fine!

McRae supervising the workers as they work on the new sunroom

Cool Birthday Party for a friend of Baylens...Bo got to join us is fun sometimes when I have two of the four....interesting combo...don't usually just have Bo and Baylen

First time ever for Baylen on a "horse" Wow...I could not believe that!

And more supervising...this time feeling comfortable with no pants and a wonder women lunch box that has I am not quite sure what in it

Bo give a thumbs up after eating shrimp at Marker Seven for his Birthday!!!

Bo very excited to go to his first ever Clarke Central baseball game....and he is not in pain he is yelling...ahhhhhhhhh in a good way....really I promise

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Let the kids take selfies and this is what I got

McRae has found a new love for coloring.....on everything


Samantha has found a new love for cooking....and she is pretty good at it

found this on my phone....busted!

Rainy day at the beach means fifty rounds of go fish....and a pan of brownies

Bike wreck number three for bo...for the day

Green things to eat on St Patricks day..Check

After years of setting traps...still not successful in catching that sneaky leaprocaun!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Long overdue
I have a date with my blog every Sunday night to wrap the week up!
But since there are so many is a Tuesday preview before Sunday night
Piper was very excited to be at the beach!!!!
 Had to recreate the picture from two years ago..
 And this shows the real Samantha personality shine through
 ANd this is Bo's normal state....chilled And don't that McRaes smile fool you...he just bit
 ANd 99 percent of the time you can find Samantha and Baylen like this....when not whining or worrying...

Its his "hey ladies check out this body" pose

 Such a goof ball
 VERY focused
 Very silly
 Happy boy

 With Samantha leading out front on a bike and Bo weaving in and out of traffic (really) this is how we roll with the beach toys to the beach and back....I love being a beach bum

 And this is how we get dinner...cause cars are not aloud to be used on SSI we bike it
 And to catch up....Bo had the flu but did not stop us from free fro yo day
 Bo at tryouts :) SOOOOO proud of him
 Off to church with my twinsies
 Bo's happy place...first game of the season
 Sam and I at gym dawg meet...year 9 for us!
 This is what McRae does when Bo locks him out....he just plays legos outside his door...and note the band aid that he has to have on at all times...
 Wow that is kinda creepy how good it is after 11 years she still has it down....or should I say wow she had it down at three?
 Granddady said he looked like a redneck...why yes he does....McRae loves to bust out the satin tank in a diaper with mix matched superhero socks whenever possible
 Bos to go to a private practice for UGA soooo awesome....

 Then the next night got to go to a game in the dugout seats! WOW

 love love love love love my boy

 First day at the beach and kids are up at 7:00 but it felt like 6:00 dang it
 If brownies are ever cooking in the over...Baylen waits the entire 32 minutes at the oven....light on and tongue hanging out
 Big out world Samantha can cook....and no she was not partaking in the Bota Box in the back

Night Night McRae
Bedtime is a beast...
But I love our cuddle time :)