My Loves

My Loves

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tuesday Treasures

So some funny  things that have come out of McRae's mouth this week....

"What do we have" = what is going on today...this is what he says to me each morning when he wakes up

"This is so salicious" = this is very delicious

Baylens word of the week that he has been using is "involved" He uses it in just about every sentence.

What I treasure this week thus far....

UGA home football games with my dad and thumb high fiving after a score....having devotions everyday with my small MrCrae is and how is so so not the body type of the other three...
Samanthas ability to just smile...through every emotion...well except when she is mad or frustrated...but she can turn it on  a dime and when others come around she can smile like nothing is bothering her. I treasure that she is such  a tom boy and love the challenge of sports yet she loves girly things like dresses, princesses and cutesy things. I treasure that she sleeps with her lovie, loves to hang out with her parents and watch tv at night instead of stay alone in her room, she is such a little mother to her brothers. I love that she is such a mix of her mom and dad. I love that she is spunky spicy yet so compassionate and sincere. I love that she owns it when she is being  a butt....and is a leader yet still very shy....

Baylen I treasure that you want to play a game with me like everyday and have craft time. You invent in your head your crafts. Even though it can be exhausting you want to change what your are doing just about every 4.2 minutes. Fort, race track, make a puppet, make a periscope, birdfeeder, bake, color, get out play-dough....I am exhausted thinking about it! You are a busy bee....yet know your boundaries because you must eat between each transition. Note your loves do not include breaking a sweat

McRae. I adore our time together during the day. Even though a lot of it gets eaten up takeing your siblings to appointments or practices....or going to their school. You are still my side kick. I treasre story parties, lego building galore and and errands we run around town. You are so smart and that scares me sometimes.

Bo, I love that you are quite content with just chilling. You do not need much other then a yard  a baseball and a bat. You love to be barefoot like McRae,,,,,yet you love shoes...the very right ones. You are by far the most vain in the house....yet the most passionate. It is hard to understand. You like certain brands and will not falter on this...yet you so would give to the poor like no body else I know. You do enjoy socializing and being with friends is like a drug for you. Your sister and brothers could go weeks without can;t go more then an hour.

And yes I treasure the Halloween store that we spend way too much time at!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

To say he is not happy about this outfit is an understatement

Baylen learning how to put gas in the car.....
Daddy teaching the girls why you do not procrastinate and make a wheel barrow on your own in one afternoon.....I think he had more fun then they did
Sad to see these guys leave...Baylen wore the heck out of them....they were even his lucky shoes for coach pitch

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bo goes down to ply with Kai nd Cheyton around the corner most days today they had  funeral for their guinea pig. Baylen nd Mcrae were able to attend....

samantha is action is her first soccer game of the fall season. She is very excited this year,

I can not get enough of McRaes hair

Just  regular night trying on Dorthy hair.
If we could only be the people our dogs think we are...sometimes it is fun to wonder where Piper is during the day. When I went looking she was taking a snooze in Baylens bed.
Words do not express my happiness about this picture. I love it on so many levels. It says here I am world!! I am excited....I am open to new things!
Samanthas schedule for 8th grade
Rainy day walk from the bus stop
These boys can hardly stand waiting another day
This is rare...but when it happens it is so sweet. Bo does not have much to do with his brothers these days because he lives outside playing baseball. But McRae still says Bo is his best buddy. Even though Baylen plays with him ALL the time But...I caught the big man playing legos and I think he liked it...but would never admit to it.
Many days this is how Bo exits the car....out the window or out the sunroof...I guess he is named Bo...and in Bo Duke
Its normal to come walking into the room and see your 10 year old posing in a scream mask right....
Love spending time with my boy on the porch while the others are at school

Devotions for the week.....
Look who got her uniform today1

Thursday, August 25, 2016

This is very rare But sometimes it happens....and I think it is the cutest thing EVER

First cannon ball of the ST Simon's Pool!!!!!!
It is VERY rare that Baylen shows a crazy side...but I love it when I can capture it!!!

Wedding weekend!!!!

the juice was nasty but we wanted to go where the show we watched was filming...super fun and daddy thought it was totally dumb

cousin fun!!
I love it when they are young enough to wear captain america to the grocery store and it is totally normal  But again I don;t care if they wear it and its not normal
swim team
dress like a cow day at CF
Samantha at SF for choir tour

Bo being Bo with BFF Hank at Willies
Yes we did it....and it was awesome
wedding weekend rehearsal