My Loves

My Loves

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love to watch Baylen and his hair play basketball

5k Hotchocolate race with my number one girl

Can't tell you how much I enjoy our one on one time make me laugh and smile like no other  :)

and this is what McRae does most days when I unbuckle him when we get home....he makes a run for it to the back of the car and climbs like a monkey....he thinks I can't get him
This was the sweetest thing ever....Bayle was laying on his belly like all kids do watching Scooby doo...then McRae goes into pantry and grabs the cereal...then a bowl then the gallon of milk....gets me and I finish the job...He plops right down with Baylen and the rest is history...I am not sure who thinks this is or that he is eating cereal and 8:00 at night :)
why has he grown over night....stop it right now little man!

My sick boy....if someone is sick it is always gonna be Bo....poor little immune system....I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I treasure days that....
Bo ask me to "play ball" in the yard....and I say yes...right then and we go....nothing more important...
I love that he acts like he is in the world series and that each throw and catch is for the win....
I love that Baylen puts McRaes shoes on him and brings him outside and is soooo proud
I love that Samantha and I have talks at night and that I can say ANYTHING to her and she gets it...
I love that she rolls her eyes at me....with that I can't believe you just said that...but I am glad you just said that...I should be embarrassed you just said that....but I am totally not look....
I love that McRae pats the floor when he wants you to sit
I love that he loves trains and melmo
I love how Baylen says "grinila" for granola bar....
I am blessed :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

love that McRae love to wake Samantha first thing in the morning and crawl in her bed.....then before he goes to bed he loves to crawl back into bed with her...they start and end their day together :)
 This is what I find when I go in the boys room.....
 Dreaming of hitting it big one day....I love his love and passion for the game...and the belief he has in himself....

Love that we live half a mile away from a basketball/gym dawg meet or how people like Nick Chubb just walk on by....#loveathens

 Baylen loves to climb the same tree that big sis and big bro climb....did not even mean to catch the sunset in the to love a Saturday in the 60's in January......stayed outside all day!


Sleepy Bay

 Love how he is double of many cool things about Bo!

 Love that my girl has such a great group of that she spend her whole day with them and then ended it at the V! LOVE IT ONE THOUSAND TIMES

Day off from school means easy bake oven time!!!! Nachos cheese and soft pretzel time!
Got her first pair of real running shoes!!!! Watch out world....I think they took a minute off her time already!!! Still not use to all this neon coming back from the 80's!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy New Year!
Starting at the beach and now getting into it at home
Truly blessed! Can't believe it is already mid January
Many resolutions
Many already broken
But main one was to keep on the train
even when you fall off!
It is easy to set the goals
Easier to quit them...
the goal here is to get back in the saddle!
8 glasses of water a day
shower every day
play everyday
one glass of wine...not two
take meds daily along with a vitamin
exercise an hour a day
get eight hours of sleep
read devotion in am and live it all day
bush teeth twice a day and floss once
wash face
roll with it
5 fruits and veggies a day
only two sugars a day
this is just a few to mention....
I have stuck with
But striving daily to do each and everyone!
Blessings number 1  2  3  and four....

 one of the cutest things ever was watching McRae walk down the hall to have lunch with Bo!
WOW  tissues please

 McRae loves to sneak in Samantha "Peppers" room at hide
she turns on choo choo for him and he is in heaven....amazing how these two little blessings are cut from the same mold...sweet sweet but temper temper....smiley smiley but angry my hands full on the front and back end!
 Baylen falls a sleep with a lantern when I went back into his room tonight this was shining on the end of his bed....could not decide to be freaked out or laugh :)
 love love love that he loves to read baseball books every night by a lantern like he is camping.....

Saturday, January 3, 2015