My Loves

My Loves

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

May Memories

So I have been behind on blogging
Just living the dream
Here is MAY pictures.....
I hope to get caught up soon
Here is a video snap of McRae turning on the blower!

 Baylen is Five at Preschool
 McRae had to show off too
 Bo reading at Poetry day
 Love to see his writing

 Great Day of Service
 Some more of Bo's writing
 My Jr Ballplayer

 Will always remember how Bo stands
 Note that goes in the care packages Bo makes to give to homeless that we pass by

 Mothers day hike....

 Baylens Preschool graduation
 Baylen came up with the idea to put plastic forks on his hands to be wolvireen
 Baylen and his Pre K teacher
 Little Beach trip in May.....last week of school.....precious

 Bo did not come with us to finish out some baseball playing time...I loved taking him out to the ball field to watch when we got back home....missed him MUCH
 Samanthas slumber party with 15 girls....
 and they all fit in the mini van!!!!
 And McRae LOVED to ride his motorcycle in to see them packed in Samanthas room
 And then off to a scout camp out
 FUN times.....once we got the right camp after going to the wrong one first...

 Back home fishing on the lake with Uncle Scott

 Happy Mothers Day to me....with my four blessings that I dreamed about since I was in third grade
Too blessed to be stressed......
May was awesome...stay tuned for June and then we will get back on track with July :)