superheros to the rescue

superheros to the rescue

Friday, April 11, 2014

A friday night with nowhere to go or do...
Kids played so nicely together
We moved from room to room...
They all just wanted to be together
Took the younger too in their pj's to get pizza and subway
Read to Bo and Baylen on my for about an hour....
Watched Kevin carry Samantha to bed...her legs went down to his knees...
What a precious sight
I love the little things...
I love to look at Baylen when he sleeps
I love to feel accomplished and not rushed
I love Spring

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So I was just getting to a shower at 4:00 in the was way too quiet. I looked out the window and this is what I found...three cuties drug lego's out on the trampoline and were playing TOGETHER....and it actually lasted through my whole shower! But.......
 McRae decided to help himself to my shower....fully clothed. I had started the shower and decide before partaking to check on the kids...This is what I found after I snapped a quick picture of the others....
Some random thoughts....
I told Baylen that we needed to go to Michaels....when we arrived he said "This is not Kelly and Michaels" That Boy is so funny!

I love my kiddos love for water balloons
I love that bo  really got into skateboarding today...he was soooo proud of himself
It was nice to take a day off today researching our next step with Bo's school journey
I love how baylen calls me "momma" in a very country voice
I love McRaes pants and how he looks like an old man...and how Bo legged he is....
I love how innocent Sam is and how she calls me to ask the simplest things...she want to do so good and not do wrong. And when she does wrong she is the first to admit it and say she is sorry....after she pipes down a little of course :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Thought this was funny....

So we tried to catch a leprechaun...

 And we did not succeed!
Our annual snarf muckel drink
and everything green we eat day!

 Bo's batman invitations

 I love storytime...have been going for 11 years...sad to think I may only have four more....does Baylen look like a giant here or what

 McRae was so excited that he got to eat like Baylen on the couch!

 My baking and cooking buddy! He loves it. We put those aprons on and get to it!
 Oh Bo, he greeted me like this...fresh out of the shower he said he was me!

 Baylen falls asleep in the oddest places

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Subway "eating fresh"
 Baylen just adores Bo

 Shrimp is Bo's FAVORITE

 Wow...these two have grown!
 First and last Slumber party....ha ha just kidding

 Bo wants to make a cartoon movie...this is one of like 100 pics I took when Bo just moved the legos like a tiny tiny bit
 Bo got third place in show at the proud of so so so so proud
 busy busy boy....
 In my lap before the big first hair cut!
 I know...buddy...I am going to miss your hair too!
 OMG what cuteness....and look at that sucker
 there he goes again....sweet boy
 Bo LOVES baseball....I LOVE watching him
 My sweet baker boy
 Splish splash
 love these boys....
 Love this my beautiful girl
 Walking the "blue" carpet....Samantha and her girls won with over 40 film entries on the ripple effect project...can't wait to post the movie....this girl makes me prouder and prouder each day

 An the oscar goes to.......the cutest girls in the world!!!
 and then we are off the dancing the night away!

 then today it was time to get casual want throw some water balloons with your brothers!

Books I am reading and Blogs that I love

  • Neat n' Pretty
  • Busy Mom's Devotional by Lisa Bergren
  • Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst