My Loves

My Loves

Friday, May 29, 2015

April Review

Bo has to be the sickest one of them he is with strep throat!!!

 My sweet little crab.....good job on your spring choir program

 4   3   2    1

March Review

I have not blogged in a while...instead I have been just keeping up! Now what we are in summer I want to get caught up! SO much to tell SO much to be thankful for
I may have already posted some of these....but here they are again!
Bo in his happy place...watching the dawgs play baseball

Samantha and I on year eight of going to the gym dawgs
 This boy LOVES to play legos
 Somethings never change
 Proud of Bo finishing level one of his dyslexic tutoring!!
 Super baby!
 Bo playing basketball!!! Really neat it was his same team from baseball

 Happy Birthday!!!!!!

 Living good in the box seats!!!

 morning at the beach!!!
 Baylen is my chef!
 And Samantha loves to cook too!!!!
 Beach fun....well Samantha is faking her fun!

 the lepracon came!!!!

watching Baylens first T-ball game!!!

 So proud of my t baller as his calls it!

 FIrst game with my Boy at Clarke Central!!!
 Headed to fernbank!!!
 Color run!!!! With my girl!!!!
 Scary McRae
 Happy Birtday that Cona ice he had been wanting!
 And this is what Bo does when he is left with my phone alone!
 Pirate cupcakes for Baylens birthday at school!