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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where did the time little girl starts Middle School tomorrow

2 years old.....

3 years old.....


Kindergarten Mrs. Li's Class

First Grade Mrs. Rogers Class

Second Grade Mrs. Brink's Class

Third Grade Mrs. Shealy's Class

Fourth Grade Mrs. Selleck's Class

Fifth Grade Mrs. Selleck's Class

Sunday, August 3, 2014

"I am learning that when I set my rhythm to rush, I don't like who I am.
Rushing robs me of the sweetest part of life...when you live with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule you ache of an underwhelmed soul".

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Funny how you think your kids have always been at the stage they are at...and that you will always remember...then you look back on pictures and think where did the time go....
I have pictures just like this one of Baylen Bo and Samantha
and I can't begin to remember how it was when they were that age
I know I talk sooooo much about freezing time
But why does it have to go sooooooo

Back to school shopping is a AHHHHH YEAH for Samantha and a AHHHHHH for bo!
Yet again another reason why sometimes I see that three brothers may be a little much for Samantha....every once in a while she does things like this....came in to the den and McRae was in a barbie nightgown....he was cute...he is doing that thing with his hands though when he gets nervous

Our view from the that I could get use to....something about it never changing is very very nice
Asleep after a long day at the water park :)
Dinner out with 54 Brodricks.....good times and yes we were at the kiddy table...would not want it any other way :)

can't even tell he had bitten through his chin the night before :)

Just passed him around
they had had enough so the three of us went outside to rock in some rockers

Here are the grandkids....from five brothers.....the oldest brother has the girl on the top far right along with the boy in the very middle and the boy between Bo and Aaron. The second brother Ron has the whole back row of boys and one girl in the middle except for Dave had the boy in blue in the back row...the tow boys in green and orange on the bottom belong to him too! Alex does not have any yet.....and the other seven belong to our very own Pop Pop
Oldest and youngest....also from the oldest and youngest brother :)
And here are the siblings in order :)
Bo and his buddy Cameron amazing how they kinda look alike
My loves my first and last :)

Words can't express my love for my boys..... very blessed
nights consisted of glow ball and Kan Jam in the courtyard.....
Yes he dressed himself and is quite proud I will add
Tennis clinic for Bo
Set up an army man war so he says...this boy is such a listen to him is amazing
and we have a builder in the house....
Loves to play wii baseball
and then we add people
A happy camper after six hours in the car.....good buddy!
He said he looks crisp and sharp

Samantha is thinking...really....really I am doing this

thumbs up!

Have the same picture from when they were Baylen and McRaes age
First taste of fudge

Watching older brother and sister ride the big kid rides

Heading to play put put

out cold again!
Fun on the beach after dinner

Books I am reading and Blogs that I love

  • Neat n' Pretty
  • Busy Mom's Devotional by Lisa Bergren
  • Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst