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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So I am simply posting this because one day I want to look back and remember what a day with four kids was like. Granted today was a little more hectic then usual...I wanted to document it....I reminded myself numerous times to breath and enjoy.....Even though we zoomed around town there were still lessons learned and smiles.....Here goes...

The day starts with the 6:00am alarm to make waffles....
A kiss for Bo to wake him up as he slips on his batman robe
"Waffles Again" Ok....with a smile...there is bacon too?
Shame on me for making homemade waffles!
As lunch is being packed Baylen stumbles is everywhere!
"I want my brek-fist"
As I put a tray on his lap in front of his show show curious George I hear
I gotta go potty
Of course you do....
Once we are settled Bo gets dressed...well kinda
Forgetting the boxers and needing to turn his shirt around he is ready
I hear from a distance moooooommmmmmmy
That would be McRae
Who is soaking wet
Like really wet
Like PJ's wet
A quick change and all is well
Did I mention Kevin is out running?
I go into Samantha's room and wake her with a kiss on the forehead  and let her know her breakfast is ready...after a few I's so tired and do I have to get ups.....I am on my way
To one of my most favorite parts of the day....
Walking Bo to school
Hand in hand I am ready for the most entertaining part of my day
He talks and talks and talks
We talk about everything
I do a lot of the listening and try to answer questions as best as I can
He asked about road kill
and if they are in heaven
He picks up fuzzy leaves and asks if they can be his pet hamsters
He runs into he walks...and acts as if the cars are in his way
My favorite is when he asks questions like what major league baseball team he will play for
I love that he has such goals in life and wants so bad to reach them
I love that Boy
As we walk into Barrow I love that he wants a hug and a high five
and a smile
and a "I'll see ya soon"
I run home to see what I have missed
Kevin is usually come and gone by now...
Samantha is dressed and her brothers are usually climbing on something
She feels really good about being able to keep them just for that little bit
Days like today she was doubly blessed with her cousin
I was greeted by Samantha and a hair brush letting me know that baylen and Hudson repeatedly told her that she was not there mommmy as they jumped on the beds and raced screaming through the house.....
We had about 6 minutes to discuss it as I threw the boys clothes in the car and we were off to the orthodontist....
As Samantha was in there I dressed the boys in the car
I glanced up to see Samantha in tears
It was one of those painful appointments
So it was time to swing through to get a milk shake
Not that I felt judged getting a milk shake at 8:00 in the morning....I am over that drive through lady
Samantha was not ready for school so we went to preschool first
I love waling baleen in...and it was double fun walking Hudson in too!
Lots of skipping and smiles
Back to the car to take Advil and a big hug seemed to suffice her...and a whisper that she could call me anytime and I would be right there....
So I had a hour or so to get some chores done and some one on one time with Mr. McRae
Which was spent mostly getting a train to stay on a track
We were back in the car to pick the boys up
We played
I drank coffee for lunch
and we played
Bo got home....
We worked on homework
There was no time for the gym today so McRae enjoyed being my weights as I incorporated him into a little circuit training....
We then got in baseball gear, gathered Samantha's play book and piled in the car
Back to get Hudson
To Clarke Middle to get Samantha from Art Club
To Church
To praise the Lord
That is what the focus is right?
By the time I dropped four kids at choir and bible study and picked up the dinner upstairs it was time to circle back around to pick them up....
So I with the double stroller that does not like to fit through doors....went up and down the elevator about a dozen more times.....
Forget the fact that by this time of day the kids do not know how to stay with me
I promise you all five of them were going down a different hall....
For the record I was still keeping my cool
Did I mention I peaked my head in a room to wave at my husband as he ate his dinner at a church recreation meeting....I am thinking about doing the recreations part this year and letting him run the "Sidelines"
Tonight was just beginning...unlike last night when me and the kiddos got to spend three hours at the ballpark...we got to play taxi cab
It was off to baseball I ran though my head if Bo had all of his gear I yelled to the back if he was wearing his cleats....for a moment I thought he may be barefoot
All good
As Bo ran in to practice...I was down to four
I thought
I had a mild panic as I yelled back to baylen....Hudson is in the car right?
Ok....that was a close one
For a moment I thought he may still be at church
So we headed to take Hudson home...
As there was was discussion over what movie to watch...a few dropped passy's and Samantha eating her taco in the car....which mind you had a speck on meat on it that she was not having.....forgot to mention I had the same conversation  just thirty minutes before when Bo swore he saw a piece of cheese.
We made it to play practice with 1 minute to spare...YES
So it was eat....quick bathe (the tub did overflow)....dessert and back in the car to get Samantha from Play practice...
Now don't  let me forget to tell you that Kevin was helping....he offered to pick Bo up from practice....just making sure you did not think he spent the night at the ball field
Samantha was in and were were back home...
After Baylen swore he had not had dessert yet I coaxed him into a book and it was a cozy read ....McRae at our feet.....
As I was in Samantha's room having some girl talk I could hear Baylen crying that he did not want to be alone.....
So he went to the couch and Mcrae got a quick version of rocking to bed.....
Back to Samantha for another kiss and when I got back to the den Baylen was out....
Right about then in enters Bo and daddy
After to cleats came off and the very dirty practice pants were in the hamper another shower was in the making a dessert scooped....
A read about Halloween and baseball....a good night prayer and tuck in all snug as a bug in a rug....
I sit down not to type this.... was a busy day...but not too far off from a normal day
I feel good because I really did enjoy it and was in the moment as much as I could be
there were a couple sighs and some hey guys lets try to serve others rather then just wanting to be served...but hopefully the kids knew that that were loved...and that I enjoyed what I was doing every moment. It is my payer everyday that I take in every moment...the good and the bad. I don;t have to like it all....but I do want to remember it all.....
So again...I wanted to document I can look back when there is not a million places to go...diapers to change and clothes to iron....a remember the days of a 11 8 4 and 1 year old.....oh and piper go fed today...I think?

watching the grass cutting

Baylen wrote this all by himself!

looking sharp...not he does not have an extra leg...that would be Baylen

 Samanthas awesome first progress report as a middle schooler
storytime rocked today! Cute Cute

 Bo do you know where to go....yes coach left he trots out to right....oh boy!
 Soooooo sure who is enjoying it more....
just like walker....lets the kids do anything

 why is McRae never clothed
 Love these from the park last week

Samantha can also benefit form a dvd from the library :)

who wants popcorn

 and sweet brother carrying all the load!
somebody looks sharp!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three quotes I heard today...or mottos that I think are pretty awesome...

"Presume Goodwill"

"Much Suffering, Much Unhappiness,
arises when you take each thought that comes in your head for the truth"

"seek first to understand"

I also saw a motto of a 101 year old man is
"Don't worry"

I would say
It has been a good day....
Learning things like...
There is no need to justify anything you say or do
There is no need to worry about what others think
There is no reason to live more then 12 hours ahead or 12 hours behind

I love this picture by Bo....LOVE the detail even though I posted it upside down

 ON the way to baseball....Bo has loved so many practices....really
 and when he is not at practice he is selling popcorn
 So when Samantha asked me what the three branches of government were....I could remember two of the three....she then worries I will Google it....and moments later this appeared.....what happened to days of going to the library to "research it" #Ifeelold
 will NEVER get tired of story time....EVER

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wednesday Wonderfuls

Baylen got my phone
and took a picture...
pretty cool to see what the kids see
Man I need to do something with my hair and pretend you see two hands on the wheel...

  and then a nice picture of baby crae crae as baylen calls him

Baylens fav hang the window....with a barbie   with a cheese stick
I think he as samantha might turn into cheese 

 and my only look alike
 I absolutely love going to the playground with my is so much fun to watch the imagination they have....I want to just jump right in...but it is not as fun as it was when you were that age...
 Ballball ball ball

 I have never in my life seen McRae soooooo red....
 baylen made the preschool news letter....look at that smart boy working on a puzzle
 First friday in Mrs Yawns class to dress up and paint up...that is not a is a cloth it
 Telling McRae why it is not okay to have an orange and blue passy on game day

 Nothing finer in the land..............................
 Bo put on slippers....then baylen got them.....and then little dude just had to have them too
 Reminds me of Baylen and Walker
 IT may be sept 1st....but in Bos eyes...its ON!
 NOt sure if it was halloween unveiling or baseball practice but this boy is passed out....on our bed....not a happy daddy...but oh well :)
 Cousin fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

One day I will miss having kids that want to dress up
I see moms at the store with kids in costume and I think it is awesome
How cool would it be to want to put on one of these get up's to head out be a kid

Love watching my girl have pool parties like I did ....just can't believe it...
Best weekend ever with my everything about her..from her toothy smile to her kind spirit...
so special
And daddy got it done at home...way to go!
Love some mud tug of war!

Okay so today after working the mickey mouse puzzle Baylen wanted to know if he was taller. 
SOOOOO funny

Then he flipped over and asked me "how bout this side" He makes me smile
 I love how Bo's smile is so forced.....check out his double jointed thumb... the thing is he has the best smile....but when you ask for looks more like he is constipated...
 After our second ice bucket challenge...I tell ya what this boy is passionate about everything...and little bro goes with whatever big brother likes....

And then this little man just crawls in train buckets with his snack and chills :)

First day of Prk art work....I love it Baylen!

I love that Samantha is my best friend....and i get her and she gets me
I love that Bo has more passion for things then anyone I know
I love that Baylen's hair curls up and he is such a mixture of funny,smart and stubborn
I love that McRae has the biggest mouth when he smiles and what he does with his hands when he is nervous

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher then your was and my thoughts than your thoughts" Isaish 55:8-9
Amazing how we think we have it all planned out...God always shows us who is in control.....I am thankful that I really am not in control like I often think that I am

"When I am overwhelmed You know which way I should turn" Psalm 142:3
So many times we get distracted by not bad things but soooo many good things...
It helps to stop and slow down 
and enjoy
I pray that God will not just open my eyes but let me live in the moment, not mourning the past nor being anxious for the future.

"I will put my teachings writing you and write them on your heart" Jer 31:33
It is like my heart is tattooed with all that I have learned
When I am concerned about finding God or if I will remember what I have learned
I remember that he is in me and has scribbled all over my heart :)