Thursday, March 31, 2011

kids review

Bo you love to hug and say Mommy and Daddy I love you! You are so sweet. You say, it was an accident when ever you do something wrong. Samantha you said you would write on a brownie and iwould jsut eat it and that Bylen would get your message (this was when baylen was in my belly) You did yoga, and liked it. Bo said that when he was 5 he would go to yoga. Bo you had a great birthday at coca cola plant. It was drama with man that shot officer howard, mommy worked and worked to get us to be able to go to see the coke trucks. We had varsity in our front yard. It was a fun party! You love to go to the varsity to get a naked dog, that is where we went on your birthday. In the afternoons you say "can I have one more junk" your words for a not so healthy snack. You say that I am your girlfriend. I love you so much. We had such a great time at the beach. Bo you have such an imaginiation. You play amazing when your are alone with your action figures. You gave up your fire on your b-day. You still have your blankie though, you love to play with walker. You love chocolate milk. You love for me to sing to you you are my sunshine. You love acting like a scarecrow. You love to decorate. You love holidays and are scared of "under" storms. You are such a kind little boy. You started t-ball and mommy teared up watching you the very first time! You always share with zeppa. You love to fix things and call yourself the worker man. You say just two more times. You get your feelings hurt easy and you do not like to see blood. You say sooo sooo sorry a lot. You are like a tornado, you touch everything and it is a mess. You love to be read to. You do a funny dance with your bottom sticking up. You like to drink canned drinks and call them a "che che" like the sound they make when they open. You wnet potty outside and I said what are you doing and you said watering the plants. Samatntha I love our girl talk. We have it every night and we journal. You love pricesses still and are sad that your friends don't. Bo I love to walk into preschool with you, you say, mom your the best. Sam you got two awards this month, one for poetry and one for showing the most progress. I am so pround of you you are full of energy and are goofy, love it! Baylen you are so close to walking! You have the blondest hair and the biggest hips ever! You love to dance to music like a rap star, so funny! You started playing with the dogs. You love to eat eat and eat somemore. You are so happy. Still loving that am nap. YOu are such a cuddler and you are pointing now and doing a little of by bye! You are so happy.